Who brings out your “bestness”?

Sometimes, we question our goodness, our best intentions, our heart and make decisions with our head vs our heart. We say yes when we mean no. We do things out of obligations. We focus on the one thing we didn’t do on our “to do” list vs. all of the wonderful things we’ve accomplished. We judge ourselves and others. Oooo! that is a biggie, the judgment.

Ever wonder, where these thoughts come from? your parents? relatives? cultural? maybe even generational?

Have you ever thought if this is even something you want to hang onto? or just maybe, you’ve been wearing it like an old favorite sweater without questioning WHY, because it’s all you’ve known…for ever and ever?

Last night, a client shared he never cried, and he thought there was something wrong with him….until his dog died. Then he gushed tears for a week, and when it stopped..he felt guilty about not crying anymore. He shared that his father never cried. We talked about society’s myths around men having to be strong etc. And how all of his crying, was not just about his dog, but for of the other feelings he may have held back. His dog was the catalyst for his grief. And how much lighter he felt once he was able to cry it out. How he didn’t cry much when his father died. Or when his parents divorced. How perhaps vulnerability is a gift from his beloved animal companion. Wow, powerful stuff right? His “bestness” allowed him to embrace all of his grief.

Next Thursday at noon, I will be talking about your “bestness” at onehealth.com in my series on bringing the bounce back into your life.
When are you at your best? What brings out the best in you? Who brings out the best in you?

There are stories about people achieving superman-like feats during times of great duress–think running into a burning building to save a baby, overturning cars to save a loved one.

Then there are stories where heroes overcome cancer, abuse, and tremendous strife to be changemakers in their world. They turn lemons into pitchers of lemonade to better their world.

Stories of entrepreneurs who took an idea and made it a reality. Taking risks for a strong belief, an idea in their head, and their heart.

Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Who is in your tribe?

Yesterday, I added to my tribe. (against all the stirrings in my head, I went with my heart) In the past 24 hours, all 5 lbs of her has brought out the best in me. My head judged my heart, questioning if this officially makes me a “crazy dog lady”. I made a list of why this was not a good time, etc. Was this my substitute for not being able to give Kayman a sister? so that I got her a 4-legged one instead?

At the end of the day, it is really simple. My heartstrings have been tugged, my heart wide open and singing this morning for this wee little one. My “bestness” has been upleveled, thanks to her.

13 thoughts on “Who brings out your “bestness”?”

  1. Oh, so sweet and cute! i miss my little fur baby. She died this past summer, but i had her for thirteen years. She kept me company when my husband travelled and while my kids were at school during the day.

    My Pepper sure did bring out my “bestness”!

  2. Crazy dog lady! I would love a dog so much right now. I miss animal companionship. Yet I know that until I’m somewhat stable and stop moving around so much it’s not fair to get another animal.

    Instead I consoled myself with two plants. They are from the jungle and open and close their leaves with the light of the day. Guess that makes me crazy plant lady!

    Joking aside, my niece brings out the best in me. Nature brings out the best in me. They are probably my greatest loves!

    • I know right? 🙂 3– officially makes a pack (or maybe a herd) Love that a little person brings out your joy, and your bright light! And the plants as well, they have feelings too. love to you!

  3. Beautiful post and message! And congratulations on the addition to your tribe :). I agree with Jim Rohn’s statement. It’s really important to surround ourselves with who and what lifts us up and moves us forward to be the best of ourselves . . . and to limit ourselves from what doesn’t.

    • Thanks Leanne, she has brought so much love to my world in less than a week! Yes, let us all continue to surround ourselves with what brings out our “bestness”.

  4. Looks like your heart was on the right track – she is GORGEOUS and I’m sure will fill your life with so much love!

    My man brings out the best in me…especially when he gets the worst of me first, as it forces me to work through my “stuff” and approach our relationship with a lot more humility and a lot less ego.

  5. So cute Claire! I agree that spending time with anyone (human, canine, feline or otherwise) who brings out your bestness is the name of the game!
    It’s hard to judge yourself when you are surrounded by love + gratitude.
    Thanks for sharing your sweet story. 🙂

  6. I have three fur babies. I call them my puppy posse. They make me feel like a rock star every time I come through the door. One regularly curls up and sleeps with me, another protectively guards me when an unfamiliar person is near, and the third will nuzzle and insist that I pet her anytime I’m sad or upset. They definitely bring out my bestness.

    • Denise! I love your puppy posse name, and might have to steel it:) we too now have 3 in our household as well.
      send me some pix, would love to see them! Chloe has been sleeping with us every night. Last night at one point during the night, she was lying belly up with her head poking out from under the covers like a human.

  7. The story of your client who was able to express his grief for the first time is so moving. I’ve never had a pet, so I can’t relate on that level. But I’m so grateful for all the amazing people in my life, especially my acting class friends, who help me release stuck emotions on a regular basis.

    Stuck emotions can wreak more havoc on us than we realize … holding us back from our true purpose, manifesting itself in body aches and pains, and preventing us from taking risks that make us feel most alive.

    I hope that your new friend brings you all the joy and compassion you seek.


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