What’s in your special sauce?

How often do you say “I love you
How often do you say it in passing, without really thinking about it?

Words are powerful.

How often do you tell yourself “I love me
When you are feeling
depressed (that’s all I’ve got for d-words this morning)

How often do you say :

I choose me.
I support me.
I nourish me.

You call a friend for support.
You tell your friend “what would I do without you?

But do you ask yourself
What would I do without me,
My own wisdom.

When your mind quiets down enough to hear
The beat of your own heart
The sigh of your own breath
And the comfort of silence

When you turn not only to your soul sisters (and brothers) to get your mojo back,
You also turn inward,
To your own wisdom.

When you recognize yourself as your own friend
this becomes a recipe for joy that can fill every square inch of you up from inside out.

Below are the directions for my special sauce. Feel free to adapt and make it your own special sauce too!

-In one day, no particular order;

-perform a random act of kindness
-do something really silly that makes your heart giggle, no, make that a deep belly laugh!
-sing, dance, to your favorite song from the 80’s or 90’s in the living room
-spend sometime outside in nature
-sit down with a cup of tea and read a book you’ve been wanting that’s “just for fun” (even if it’s just for a few minutes)
-write down 3 words that describes what you love about you
-share this with someone, go!

Take all of the above, write down each of the above on scrap pieces of paper
-find a jar with a lid (I like using a mason jar)
-label it  “my secret sauce recipe for choosing love for me”

Now shake it up!

Here’s my double dare challenge:) Find other ways you can be with yourself, reach for this jar when you are seeking the wisdom of others, or can use a pick me up. This also makes a great gift for a birthday or an upcoming holiday.

Please share with someone if you enjoyed this week’s post and I’d love to hear from you below what you would put in your secret sauce recipe!

14 thoughts on “What’s in your special sauce?”

  1. Claire,
    Great recipe for a nourished life. I call these things my “soul greens” but I like your suggestion to put each one in a mason jar and shake it up and then use it when you need some wisdom. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Beautiful post and so true! As women we spend so much of our time and energy supporting others, and very often don’t afford that same love and support to ourselves.

    Learning to love ourselves and treat ourselves with kindness and compassion is so key to living a fulfilling life. And it’s the thing that allows us to tap into our own wisdom and intuition.

    Love the idea of the Secret Sauce Jar!

    Thanks for a lovely post.

  3. Oh, Claire, this piece is sooo nice! I mean I actually already do quite a few of these things because I’m a mindfulness coach and I know how important it is to love yourself (and tell and treat yourself accordingly) but the idea with the mason jar for example is brilliant! Thanks for sharing :-).

  4. Oh how clever Clair. It makes something life changing fun. And you know what…I bet when your feeling low and you reach into that jar to pull out a note of inspiration from yourself, you’ll get the very thing that you need to hear that speaks to what you’re feeling.

    I think this is brilliant.

    Hey, how about a jar of desires. You can write down something your heart/life yearns for. Ask for it, date it, put it in the jar with gratitude and trust. Surrender it then forget about it knowing its in the jar as a recording of all the things that you know are on their way to you if they’re meant for you.

    • ooooo! I like a jar of desires! It sounds juicy. It’s like creating an ideal scene (vision) but in a jar. and bit size doses, to announce to the universe.

  5. I love your quick and easy action steps to remind yourself of your worth. So simple, but so easy to forget. What a great reminder! Thank you. I especially love “write down 3 words that describes what you love about you”


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