What our pets teach us

A blog post about a loyal dog who ran around post-earthquake Sendai to get help for his beloved animal friend moved me this morning. We can learn so much from our beloved animal companions if we slow down to listen. We can learn to be present to what is and not what was, nor what we cannot fix or change.  We can learn to be more of a human “being” vs. a human “doing”.

Please take a few moments to find a quiet place to sit where you can reflect on the teachings your animal companion has left you so far in your journey together.

And an intention to mull over….

Intention: Today, I take time out of my day to be still and honor the teachings our animal companions leave us. I honor their capacity for unconditional love, while never judging or holding grudges, their ability to live in the present in joy, fearless and protective of the family, and the  many countless other qualities that endear them to us.  I hold my animal companion close to my heart, always and forever.
from blog post: http://iwuvwes.wuvtags.com/2011/03/what-the-dogs-of-japan-teach-us/ 

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