Veterinary Wellness Webinars

Thank you for attending our free two-part wellness workshop this past week hosted by ACcess Animal hospital.


We know how busy you are, and sometimes it’s tempting to walk away after a workshop and tell yourself you’ll get back to it when you’ve more time.

As the in-house life balance and wellness coach for over 500+ team members at Access Animal Hospital, I know how crazy it has been for everyone in the Veterinary Medical Industry. Recharging and renewal is something we have an intention to “get to” or a “nice to have” but to try and make the time to implement can feel daunting. 

given stress is culmulative, this is actually the PERFECT time to commit to creating a plan for you and your team. 




end 2020 with a vision of what you want your work and personal life to look like in 2021.





With caseloads increasing, COVID surges, call outs and burnout on the rise, iIt is more important now than ever before to tend to our self-care and create a plan for managing our health and wellbeing. No matter what is happening on the outside, we have a CHOICE in how we want to feel, think and show up for ourselves and our team on a daily basis.  Let us help you bring what you’ve learned to your organization. All of our workshops are done via zoom, in 60 minute bite-sized chunks. We can customize the topics to fit the needs of your organization or a specific department. 



During this 1 hour workshop, we will be covering the foundation of mindfulness and meditation. Learn ways to deepen your connection with yourself and others, cultivate a daily practice of being present to the now (while we can’t change what may be going on around us right now, we always have a choice in how we can be with what is.)

2. ESSENTIAL self-care for VET MED TEAMS 


Most veterinary team members give 110%+ on a daily basis to the clients they care for. As an essential front line worker, we’ve all experienced compassion fatigue on some level, and emotional fatigue with COVID19 in 2020. Self care is crucial in extreme times of crisis and uncertainty. In this webinar, learn three levels of self-care to boost your overall resilience and well-being.

3. BUilding a strong team with greater trust and connection

Research reveals empathy is positively related to job performance and satisfaction. Empathy from leaders tops the list as the most critical driver for building a thriving team. In this interactive webinar, we will teach you our 5 step process to support your team’s mental and emotional well-being.

WE ARE here for you. contact us below to bring a webinar to your practice, team or organization. 



Margalit and I would love to hear from you with any questions, comments. Feel free to call for more information as well. 310-367-1794.