Using EFT to soften Pet Loss

Using EFT to soften grief

 EFT is a technique that has been around for thousands of years. Like acupuncture and acupressure, Tapping is a set of techniques which utilize the body’s energy meridian points. You can stimulate these meridian points by tapping on them with your fingertips – literally tapping into your body’s own energy and healing power. Often times when we experience trauma, especially in grieving a loss, our “chi” or emotional energy becomes stuck. EFT  has been used to alleviate painful emotions. It consists of tapping on meridian points while stating the problems.  By stating and resolving the negative emotions at hand, it will help release the emotion stuck and restore the body to a natural balance.

 The tapping will help release the emotional pain. It will help bring more peace. You can read more about tapping at: http://www.thetappingsolution.com/

Below are some pet loss scripts, I created for a Pet Loss Group I am running adapted sequences from Eva Marklund and the EFT Tapping website. You can do these sequences in order, as many times a day as you like. Here is a diagram courtesy of: http://www.thrivingnow.com/free-eft-tapping-point-images/


Sequence Points:

KC: Karate Chop Tap firmly, with 4 fingers

EB: Eyebrow

SE: Side of the Eye

UE: Under the Eye

UN: Under the Nose

CP: Chin point

CB: Collar Bone

UA: Under the Arm

TH: Top of the Head



Even though losing my beloved pet is one of the most painful experiences I have ever gone through

I choose to keep my heart open

Even though it feels as though my heart is broken

I accept that death is a normal part of life

Even though I can no longer see my beloved pet

I know that our love is still intact

Our love connection is as strong as ever


EB: I know that on a deeper level

SE: I accept that death is a normal part of life

UE: I can resist my grief,

UN: It will affect my joy, happiness, my health

CP: Or I can accept death and have peace

CB: I can resist death and it will affect my peace

UA: Or I can choose to be wonderfully surprised by a new perception of death

TH: I choose to accept the death of my pet as a natural part of life

TAKE A DEEP BREATH….. then move on to the next one if you like. 



Even though I may have been feeling angry with god and punished by this

I can choose that spirit’s grace is always around me

Even though I know I haven’t completely forgiven myself or parties involved, I choose to know someday I will be able to.


EB: I choose to find compassion for myself

SE: I choose to find compassion for those involved, vets, doctors, other healers.

UE: I choose to know that I have the capacity to heal

UN: My body can release these feelings that no longer serve me

CP: I can begin to forgive myself

CB: I know it is important for my healing to do so

UA: I acknowledge that I am worthy of letting any guilt I feel go and allow forgiveness into my being

TH: I love and accept myself unconditionally



Even though I may have feelings of guilt

I can choose to be gentle with myself,

Even though I haven’t completely been able to let go all of the guilt

I choose to know someday I will be able to.


EB: All of the remaining guilt I feel around “should haves, could haves”

SE: I choose to let it all go now

UE: I am releasing any remaining guilt I am holding onto

UN:I loved my beloved pet and guilt has no place in my life where I remember my pet

CP: I replace all of the guilt I am feeling with my pet’s love

UA: I choose to release any remaining guilt and replace it with love

TH: I allow and receive the love that flows through me.  I feel love up through my feet, my calves, my knee, hips, filling my body, my heart, and flowing through the crown of my head, I am love. I am filled with love. 



 Even though I miss my pet so much it hurts

I choose to remember that my pet is free now

She is joyful, pain free and at ease

Even though it is hard for me to see past today

I know where my pet is, she can see a bigger picture

She can see our love connects us forever

Where she is, she doesn’t miss me or worry about me

Because she can sense our connection

Because she knows deep inside,

I am ok I am love


EB:I choose to remember the times together with joy

SE:I choose to remember the tender moments

UN:I choose to remember the fun times

CP:I know in my heart and soul that we are connected

CB:I choose to remember with joy

UA:I choose to remember with love and peace and trust





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