Transforming Loss Interview with Lindsay Marino- Spiritual Medium

I truly believe that when we are ready, the universe conspires to help us. In my own journey through transforming grief, I’ve had the chance to meet some amazing souls who are doing life changing work in healing grief and loss.  I’ve been meaning to capture some of their essence to share with you as it is my fondest hope that in hearing shared perspectives, it will bring you comfort, support, and inspired thoughts towards any healings that may be taking place in your own life.

Recently, I received a lovely message from fellow B-schooler Lindsay Marino. (You’ve heard me blog about Marie Forleo’s B-school before, it is a most amazing community of heart-centered entrepreneurs) Right away, there was something about Lindsay’s energy that jumped off the pages at me. A voice said “Here’s a kindred spirit you MUST meet and share with your peeps!” and so I listened and happily complied. Our phone call quickly flew by, it felt as if we were two old friends connecting versus meeting for the first time.  Today, I am so excited to have Lindsay launch our Transforming Loss series! (woot woot!)

It is my intention to post an interview or guest blog post every month beginning this March and continuing through 2013. Below please find Lindsay’s biography and an excerpt from our chat this morning, some of my favorite bits and bobs from our time together.

“I realize in working with clients, each one of us has a special kind of relationship and to tell someone how to grieve or how long they should grieve for is upsetting.” 

“I know I needed to do something, but I didn’t like people telling me I had to move on. The saying I like, and I use it still, is keep on moving. And that was one of the things Nick said in life, and it was one thing that came back that even after he passed. It doesn’t mean move on from the situation, it means to live in the moment, and that really helps me.”

I invite you to grab a warm mug of tea, find a cozy place to relax and settle in as Lindsay shares how she “kept moving” and transformed her grief into a journey of sharing her beautiful gifts with others.

There are many juicy nuggets of wisdom in what she shares. One of my favorite bits is how much our loved ones from beyond are rallying for our happiness.

This reminds me of customs observed in Hong Kong, where I was born. The grievers wear white to the funeral, a symbol of light to assist the departed in transitioning over. Mini paper representations of physical goods from this life (think mini homes, cars, paper money and other sentimental objects) are offered to help them in their next journey. There is grief, and at the same time, many moments of joyful memories sprinkled throughout. Click below to listen to the interview.


Please excuse the technical imperfections as I navigate compressing, exporting and all the new skills I just learned in creating this broadcast.:) And if anyone has a recommendation for audio editing software, I would love to hear!

btw- It is about 20 minutes long in length.

Lindsay Marino~

For the past five and a half years, Lindsay has been on a journey of self-discovery. After losing the love of her life in a motorcycle accident, she went through heartbreak and a spiritual awakening which has led her to where she is today. Lindsay is a Psychic Medium, who thrives on using her spiritual gifts to help others. She also specializes in Energy Healing with Intuitive Guidance. Every Monday night at 8pm Eastern Standard Time, Lindsay hosts “Intuitive Guidance with Lindsay Marino.” It is her mission to guide you in living abundantly and fill you with rich infinite beauty and peace. Her intention is to help others by sharing her story, so that they too can see the beautiful gifts of life beyond the physical world.

Lindsay can be reached at www.lindsaymarino.com

Before you leave to go about your day, I would love to hear below any experiences on how you may have transformed the loss of a loved one into one of healing.  AND.. I would be over the moon if you might be interested in sharing your story in an interview with yours truly. It’s time to SHINE our lights forth and be of service with our healing! Will you email me? claire (at) clairegillenson.com. 

So much LOVE!



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  1. It’s great to see you both turning your ‘tragedies’ into ‘triumphs’! I love how you’ve both grown so deeply and share your gifts with everyone. Thanks for shining your lights!


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