Time for inner child play!

Sometimes, life’s disappointments and losses can link back to old old hurts, particularly nurturing and support we may not have received as a child.  What can we do to satiate our needs to be heard, loved and supported?  Have a playdate with our inner child! The part of us that may have been working too hard, neglecting self-care through out the year will relish in some free play with your wee one inside. The part of us that may be grieving old hurts can good back and reassure the younger one within us is heard, loved and protected. It is free to do anywhere, anytime.  

Here’s how:
-Find a photo (or photos) of you from an age group you want to focus on
-Connect with this part of you
-Find a comfortable place to sit or lay down for about 30 minutes
-Close your eyes and take in a deep breath through your nose and out through the mouth
-With each inhale, breathe in peace and calm and feel a warm bath of white light envelope you
-On the exhale, breathe out stress,  release any worry and fear  you may have been holding in your body
-Repeat for 3 sets, allowing your body to relax deeper and deeper

-With the next breath, set an intention to invite your inner child to visit with you.

-Close your eyes and imagine you are walking towards a big tree in a grassy field filled with wild flowers.
-The skies are blue, it is sunny, warm, you feel safe here.
-Out in the distance, you notice a figure sitting under the tree.
-As you walk closer you see that it is your inner child.
-See your adult self hug your little one.

-Spend some time here with your inner child. Talk and share! Does you have a question to ask her? Perhaps there is healing you can give her as an adult that your inner child did not receive at this age? Support? Validation? Love?
Here are some other questions:

  • How old is your inner child?
  • What is your inner child here to tell you?
  • As the adult now, what can you help your inner child understand? (for example, thank her for protecting you all of these years but you can take care of her now)
  • Ask your inner child what is he/she trying to protect you from with a behavior or reaction to your life now (for example, your reactions to recent events may have been very “childlike” when you are normally very grounded and practical)

Now spend some time visiting and getting to know your inner child.
-What was your inner child’s favorite toy, activity?  Play and spend time with him/her.
-Perhaps you haven’t played lately and your inner child is here to remind you to be more playful!

-When you are done with your visit,  thank your inner child for the protection he/she has given you up until now. Explain to your inner child that their job is complete and give him/her a new role, to play!  And that you are an adult and capable of taking care of and protecting yourself.  Give your inner child a big squeeze and kiss, that you will always be there for them. Know that your inner child will always be there for you too.  

-Now, gently feel yourself float back into your body.
-You are taking all of the peace, calm, happiness back with you.
-When you are ready, open your eyes slowly.
-Spend a few moments jotting down any notes from this meditation.

Remember to spend time in free play each day even when you are not with your inner child.
Treat yourself to something “fun”–like a playdate with a friend, an ice cream cone on a warm sunny day, a walk on the beach.
Give yourself permission to laugh and play more often—even during a work day, for just 2 minutes.
Do something nice for someone your inner child would like— buy a stranger in line behind you at starbucks their cup of coffee, fill the parking meter next to yours, etc.

Here’s to more child like playdates, love and freedom!


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