The heart of the matter

Woke up asking myself this morning, how can I serve more deeply, more authentically in the work I am called to do. Last week, I spoke to a potential client who had just received the ashes of her beloved dog back from the vet. We set up an appointment to meet and she called back to share that she was not in a financial place to give herself the support she needed and would call me the following week. I get calls like this weekly, from people who are in pain and need help, and yet can not afford my service. The week before, it was from someone who had gone through a miscarriage alone. I woke up to inspired action…how can I be of service from a space where I can more people, vs. a one on one coach/client model. I came upon this video of the last days with Oden, about a man saying goodbye to his beloved family member. It reminded of WHY I do what I do. Now, how to effect change in a different way, to get to the heart of the matter, to focus on the healing, loving to each grieving pet owner so they are not alone in their pain. It is what all of our furry friends would want. Their whole job is to love us. And it my job to figure out how to create a container for us to continue experiencing that love, after they are gone.

Last Minutes with ODEN from phos pictures on Vimeo.

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