“actionable steps you can take to get you back to balance”

Claire isn’t just a coach. She is an accountability partner to help you get through your day. She’s not simply there to talk about your emotions or your past. She utilizes those emotions into actionable steps you can take to get you back to balance. She helped me realize the changes I’ve made in my … Read more

“I cannot thank or recommend her enough”

Claire is amazing. I feel blessed to have been led to her and don’t know how I would have gotten through my grief process without her intuitive encouragement. She’s incredibly understanding, inspiring, loving and comforting. She gets that grief comes in many different shapes and sizes, timeframes and that none are right or wrong. She’s … Read more

Patti Capparelli

“Claire has the unique gift of connecting your heart directly with your pet. I’ll never forget the powerful, loving connection I felt. I know that will never fade.”

Hannah Pasquinzo

“Thank you Claire! I received the guidance I was seeking and MORE.  You were able to laser in on exactly what the underlying issue was, the part that I was having a hard time seeing on my own. I came away from our session with more clarity and a deeper understanding of what I could … Read more

Laura Gates

“Claire did a reading for my Goldie last week and it was very helpful, I am applying stuff she told me and it is working! Goldie just was feeling “unemployed” so I am making sure I let her know when she is working and also giving her tasks to do so she feels useful, I see … Read more

Kate Fisher

“My session with Claire was wonderful! I felt very connected with my beloved cat, who passed away five years ago. Claire helped me understand the nature of my relationship to my cat and why I can’t stop thinking about her! I now feel much more at peace because of this reading.”