Stop kicking yourself in the butt

We all mess up. Me, you, Obama, Buddha, even the unconditonal, loving dog. One of the things we tend to do is beat ourselves up when things don’t go the way we want. Our inner critic goes above and beyond the point of useful, often times becoming self-critical and mean. Find ways to tame that inner critic here…

Grief can be happy

Someone who recently “graduated” from our time together shared she was feeling a bit better with each passing day. There are days she still misses her dog terribly and yet, the happier memories are starting to surpass the last days of her illness. (Woo hoo that that!) “Sometimes, I feel guilty about being happy” she … Read more

Can happiness AND grief co-exist?

In the car today, I heard on NPR an article on happiness, and if it was possible to create or increase happiness. NPR spoke of the national quota of happiness.  The Royal Government of Bhutan created this index to measure these key areas; psychological wellbeing, health, time use, education, culture, good governance, ecology, community vitality … Read more