Feel it so you can heal it!

Today, I want to speak to my alter ego that’s been crowding my space. I call her Tough Tammy. Tough Tammy is type A and a go-getter. She is all about making it happen. Especially when she is grieving, she likes to keep busy. It helps her keep the lid on her emotions. I wrote … Read more

Can happiness AND grief co-exist?

In the car today, I heard on NPR an article on happiness, and if it was possible to create or increase happiness. NPR spoke of the national quota of happiness.  The Royal Government of Bhutan created this index to measure these key areas; psychological wellbeing, health, time use, education, culture, good governance, ecology, community vitality … Read more

Day Two-Embracing change

This morning, I sat as I usually did when I journaled…in the living room with a steaming mug of tea. It’s my favorite part of the day, when it is quiet, watching beams of sunlight poke through the frosted pane in the front window. Birds chirp, making music with the water fountain that sits catty … Read more

Time for inner child play!

Sometimes, life’s disappointments and losses can link back to old old hurts, particularly nurturing and support we may not have received as a child.  What can we do to satiate our needs to be heard, loved and supported?  Have a playdate with our inner child! The part of us that may have been working too … Read more