Return to happy by planting financial seeds


Return to happy by planting financial seeds


It takes less energy to create positive goodness than negatively. ♥

If you are going through a rough patch financially, do you find yourself focusing your energy on what you don’t have vs. what you do? While your current job or business may be determining how much is in your bank account at the moment, there are ways to give your financial outlook a pep talk.

It just takes a bit of creativity to discover how to tap into more flow. I am not taking about manifesting or think your way into wealth instantly. But on the flip side, the saying “Money doesn’t grow on trees” or “You have to work hard to make money” is also a myth.

Below are 5 things I’ve done to balance my limiting beliefs around money when I get stuck.

1)    Pay attention to your thoughts. Internal = external. If you are continuously thinking negative thoughts, giving energy to what is lacking in your life, you are subconsciously creating more lack. Notice when negative thoughts pop in your mind and follow it with a more positive one. Keep your focus on the positive ones and try to let go of the rest.
2)    When we are in the struggle to create more for ourselves, the part of us that says we are not good enough, not worthy, it only happens for other people pops up. This is when I remind myself to tell myself that “I am enough.”  I am enough, means for this moment, we ACCEPT what is going on. It doesn’t mean we have to like it. But moving into acceptance, we open our hearts to more of the juicy bits which helps to create more flow.
3)    Don’t like how your life is now? Plant new seeds and create a new money story. Where do you see yourself a year from now? Write that story down and tape it somewhere you can see it.  Read it everyday. Read it when you are feeling down.  Then on a daily basis, reach out to 3 people or do 3 things you can to improve your financial situation. Angela Jia Kim from Savor The Success calls this sailing 3 ships. BTW- reaching out to help someone selflessly or paying it forward is guaranteed to lift your mood at the same time:)
4)    Write yourself a check for a huge amount. I have one for $100,000 posted on the wall in my office. Think about ways to spend that money. Have fun allowing yourself to dream about the good stuff. This helps us learn to receive and shift the “hard” part of dealing with our finances.
5)    Delegate to the universe and practice asking for help.  Sometimes, we feel like we are the only ones who can make it happen. Create an affirmation like “I am supported. All of my needs are met in time and on time” for yourself. I find that this is a good reminder for me when I am in an efforting state of mind.

These are just some of the ways you can give birth to a new money part of you. I use all of these tips myself on a regular basis and most of time, it works. There are some days where I reach for the chocolate to help me smile, and that’s ok too.

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