RE:the pug attack a la superbowl—could that be your dog?

I did not watch the superbowls yesterday, but a friend turned me onto some of the ads he enjoyed. One in particular stayed with me was Doritos’s Pug Attack. Determination, fearlessness, resilience, loyalty (to the Doritos in this case), focused are some words that comes to mind in describing the pug. It could easily be shifted to any other situation between animal companion and caregiver.

Our animal companions are loyal. How many times have we walked down a street to see a pooch faithfully waiting outside for its caregiver and friend?
They are fearless. While on a walk with 17 year old Casey this morning, she was not buying the looks of a german shepherd across the walk and decided to give her a piece of her mind. Mind you, she could have easily walked under his legs without skooching down.
They are resilient. Ask my border collie Lulu, who likes to bury certain treats and bones in the backyard. Later, she is happy to spend an exponentially longer time looking for them.

The same could be said when they are under stress or in time of illness. Our animal companions are amazing souls who always rise to the occasion. In my playbook, they win every game, always giving it their best, without complaining. Even as they come into their senior years, and eventually, their own transition. They are loving, strong, compassion and ACCEPTING.

What can we learn from this commercial? The strengths of the above mentioned? If you have a senior pet, what can you do to assist them in keeping experiencing anticipatory grief ? Apply the same loving, compassion and kindness to yourself as you have done for them. What else? Would love to hear from owners with senior pets on this topic.

Here is a link to the superbowl ad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5YrxeskZt0

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