Our relationships with animal companions are mutually beneficial. They help make us the best versions of ourselves. We keep them safe and healthy. The love is true, the friendship deep, the hilarity endless, the letting go so hard.

Eventually the day each of us dreads will come. It’s time to let the best boy, or the best girl, go. You don’t know how to say goodbye. How could you? But you can. You will.

Claire Chew’s Modern Pet Loss program will give you the tools to navigate through your pain, whether the animal you love is ill, old or already over the Rainbow Bridge. Our self-guided support program can be done on your time, in your time.

When you are ready, we are here. Below are some resources to help you begin.[/vc_column_text]

Healing Hearts and Paws- A Self-Guided Pet Loss Support Program

I created a self-guided pet loss program for all of the pet lovers who’ve called over the years seeking pet loss support in their hometown.

Some grieving pet owners shared that they wished there was a pet loss support group in their area. Others were unable to now get help for themselves due to the mounting debt from veterinary bills accumulated while trying to save their pet. And there were those who were too foggy to decipher where they were in their grief process.

I’ve taken some of the most successful tools I use in my life transition coaching practice and translated it into Healing Hearts and Paws, a practical self-guided pet loss support program divided into 27 lessons.

Each lesson begins with a daily thought/affirmation followed by a topic of the day that honors the love you have for your pet. There is an action step you can take, from journaling prompts to guided meditations. To find out more information, please visit: https://healing-hearts-and-paws.teachable.com/p/healing-hearts-and-paws


Veterinary Associations
Herbal medicine
Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine

Caregiving for our beloved animal friends is a life-long commitment. Below are several resources to help with emergency care so that you don’t have to give up caring for your pet or be forced to consider euthanasia. Please know that you are not alone and to reach out to the organizations below for support.

Red Rover
If you find your pet needing emergency veterinary care or surgery, Red Rover provides financial assistants grants and resources. For more information, click here.

The Pet Fund
This is another great non-organization dedicated to helping companion animals by providing financial support via one-time grants for those residing in the U.S.  For more information, click here.

If you are looking to apply for funding/support, click hereIf you would like to donate to the pet fund, click here

Elder Paw Senior Foundation

This is a great non-profit in Fresno CA. If you have a senior dog 6 years and older needing critical vet care services, Elder Paw offers $1000 grant with their Pandora Fund. For more information, click here 


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Helping Children Cope with the Serious Illness or Death of a Companion Animal

Pet Loss Resources to help children grieve

The death of a pet is often the first time a child is faced with loss. Children grief the loss of a pet differently than adults. Below is a short list of books and links we find helpful as you help the child in your life navigate the ebbs and flows of grief.