Pet Loss Coaching

Pet Loss Support/Anticipatory Grief Support

Imagine being seen, feeling supported when your life feels like it imploded into a million pieces, without having to fix or pretend nothing is wrong.

(Really, it’s OK not to be OK)


I am here to remind you…

  • How it feels in your body when you feel safe, heard, supported (amazing!)
  • Those moments you lose track of time doing something you love (they will come back, I promise)
  • What’s possible when all of the “shoulds,” “I can’t because,” “but only if” falls away (anything and everything!)
  • It’s OK not to have all the answers, especially if you have to make what feels like the hardest decision of “how will I know when it’s time.” 
  • you DO “know” what to do when you finally slow down enough to listen to your intuition (when you choose YOU, not coming from a place of guilt, shame, betrayal)


Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is one of the hardest things we do as a pet caregiver. 


If you are close to making a life-changing decision about your furry family member’s health, having support can shift thoughts and feelings of anxiety, helplessness, and worry to more inner peace and affirming you are doing the very best you can on their behalf. This can help create spaciousness, especially around making medical decisions or heart wrenching options around the end of life journey. 


Life transitions often happen without our choosing. It can also be an opportunity for you to look at what obstacles may be getting in the way and creating a plan for this next part of your life.


What you can expect:

  • A quiet, nourishing space to receive love and support
  • A time to explore what your heart may be feeling, especially around death and dying
  • Look at fears, past hurts, feelings of guilt
  • Explore what self-care looks like while facing the unimaginable
  • Create rituals/a plan of saying goodbye 


Imagine being met with love right where you are. Nothing is off-limits unless you want it to be. The sessions are a compassionate place to be heard, seen, brainstorm, laugh, cry, and take action steps. 

Coaching sessions are conducted via zoom during COVID19, in 60 minute sessions. 


I lost my beloved Siberian Husky, at the age of 13 to dementia. I had to put him down when his mental and physical health were no longer giving him a quality of life. Claire was brought into my life by viewing a page on my friend’s Facebook profile. I was searching for someone to help me get through this difficult time in my life. I felt that even though so many people expressed their condolences, I was still hurting deeply inside. I felt alone and depressed. 

I worked with Claire not only on the loss of Kodi, but many other losses in my life as well (Loss of my mother and father, and losses at work). I learned a great deal after working with Claire, not only about myself, but about how the loss of a loved one, whether it be a human or pet, can affect the way we function in our daily life. Claire helped me to recognize my strengths and we worked on healing my grief. I would like to thank you, Claire, for helping me to cross that bridge that so many people are afraid to face. I am a wiser soul since working with you. You have touched my life and I will always be grateful for your gift of helping people. With Much Love and Respect, -K. McDonald – Las Vegas, NV