Open Your Heart to Change: It’s a choice.

In the spirit of continuing yesterday’s blog, today is about opening your heart and sharing about any life changes you may be experiencing. 

Sharing about missing my mother last night helps me keep my heart open to witness the changes in my own life. It inspires me to reach into my toolbox I share with clients. I meditated, journaled, and free form wrote this morning to help move the sadness through. 

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Our heart is a gateway to love, a container where past hurts are stored.  It is from this place we find unconditional love, compassion and kindness. Sometimes when we find ourselves experiencing change that feels out of our control, the heart reacts protectively. It can appear as a tight feeling in our chest. We find ourselves feeling powerless, wanting answers, asking “why me?” and “now what?”   We turn our attention to what we don’t have.  We ask, what have we done to deserve this?

 If you find yourself in uncertain times where your mind is swimming with thoughts, know that you have choice. While you may not be able to choose how much money is in your bank account, whether you are single by choice, divorced, or out of work, you can choose your state of mind.

Focusing on love as we face changes versus fear is a choice.

Choosing love consciously allows us to focus on our blessings vs. our shortcomings.

Here are some inspired actions for today:

Today’s inspired action:

-Reach out to 3 people in your life that you love and share how much you care with them

-Write down 3 things you love that money can’t buy

-Do one thing that makes your heart sing

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7 thoughts on “Open Your Heart to Change: It’s a choice.”

  1. I LOVE this focus on love, instead of fear. Fear is insidious; it can creep up daily in our lives and overtake our state of mind. It’s nice to have activity as you described to the shift focus back to gratitude and happiness.

    • Hi Emily,
      That sounds lovely, a stroll in the neighborhood, and the quiet time. Sometimes, it’s the simplest actions that can be the most impactful.

  2. I love how gently you point out that we can choose whether we want to face life with love or fear. It’s a lesson a guide helped me learn when she saw that my actions were motivated by fear. I hadn’t even realized I was doing it. And today, my actions are motivated my love and expansion and learning.

    Thanks for sharing this. And I LOVE your inspired actions. Will do!

    • Carolyn,
      I love that you are motivated by love and expansion. Here’s to filling our lives up more with daily doses of LOVE!

  3. Clarie, I really love your suggestion to make our heart sing. We are all so busy and never take the time to focus on love. Your ideas make us feel so safe. Thanks!

    • Hi April,
      Yes, even if we can do one small thing that lifts our spirit each day, it helps us become more of a “being” vs. a “doing” 🙂


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