Love in ACTION!

Hello beautiful souls,


Many things filled our minds last week. Boston tragedy, bombings, and on a lighter note, I welcomed my 45th year.  Last week here on the blog, I wrote about replacing fears, any judgments that may come up, and worries with LOVE.

This is one thing we have control over. Our love. How we share, with whom we share, and what actions we choose today.

I ruminated on love as an action versus it being words. And so begins a year of looking inward and acting outward at how to continue the spreading of this light for an entire year. Below is a snippet from my love in action for 04/22/2013.

A year of love in ACTION:

Standing in the elevator with a women who looked sad. I noticed her blingy purse and gave her a compliment. Her entire face lit up for the minute we were together. Never underestimate how you can share your love with others. Now, your turn. 


A year of love in action. Will you join me?
Share below one way you will put your love into action today. Then share this post with someone. 

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  1. I will put my love in action today by complementing a stranger at the yoga studio – so out of my comfort zone as I usually make the practice all about me and my mat, but it will be nice to shine a bit of love while I’m vibing high from the practice!


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