Did you notice the word LOVE not LOSS?  No, it’s not a spelling error.  It is my deepest desire that LOVE is the foundation for all of the woes that may have brought you here. As an intuitive coach, I serve as a “human bridge” between you and your pet. With 110% of my heart, I bring intuition, acknowledgment, validation, compassion and a practical perspective to help fill the aching hole in your heart.

Together, we collaborate to clarify the relationship you have with your pet, and suggest ways  to deepen your bond, both physically and emotionally during these challenging times.

If your pet is sick, it is hope in our work together, you will shift from feeling helpless to a perspective of learning, honoring, strengthening and empowerment. Sometimes, we get caught up in the potential loss that we miss the precious moments in front of us. I don’t want that for you.

If you are close to having to make a life-changing decision about your pet’s health, I want your end of life/euthanasia experience to be filled with an honoring of the good-bye.

If you’ve said good-bye to your pet, here is an opportunity for you to show up for YOU as much as you have for him. Our pets are our greatest teachers. They are here to heal from our darkness.

Here’s a few ways to connect:

Single Pet Love Support Coaching Session (This is perfect if you would like support with a specific concern about your pet)

-(1) 90 minute session via phone or Skype
-Summarized notes
-Recording of session
-Accountability and support
-Creation of a collaborative plan for what’s next after the session



Healing Heart Pet Love Coaching Support 1-3 months

This is a good option if your pet has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, or you’ve recently experienced a loss. 

-(4) 75 minute session  per month via phone or Skype
-Summarized notes of session
-Recording of each session
-Accountability and support between sessions
-Creation of a collaborative plan for our journey together

By invitation only, call 310-314-9837 to see if we are a good fit.