How to find joy and bits of happy even in the unknown

First the good news! Was able to breathe a sigh of relief this past Friday when the words “benign” came through the end of the phone. I have to admit, last week was a LONG week of practicing all of the tools in my toolbox.  The ultrasound of my thyroid revealed an irregular bordered nodule which they biopsied. 4x, long needles inserted into my thyroid, repeated taps and pulls to extract the samples.  Those minutes felt like hours, as a mini life review looped in my brain, the past, my bucket list of things I still want to do, future fantasies of worst case scenarios, wondering the what if’s. What if this is malignant?

I left the office feeling a bit disheveled by last words of “it’s 3mm, small, if it’s anything, we’ve caught it early, and the best type of cancer if you’ve got it…and besides, you are a grief coach, you’ve got it all handled”.  Yikes, I know they were well meaning and it was intended as a compliment, but it caught me off guard. How are others supported when they receive bad news?

Once home, I rallied the support of friends and family and reached out to community. I posted on FB and was comforted by the light sent my way. This time, I cocooned and nested when I could, giving myself permission in between coaching calls and other business to cry, journal, reflect, scream and be vulnerable.  I re-read parts of Stephen Levine’s book One Year To Live to help me anchor in the bits of joy in my life.  I set an intention to really notice and savor little nuances of life this past week–and below are the bits and bobs of the treasures I found;

-watering the veggie garden in the front yard, noticing the growth of the sunflower seeds we planted a few weeks ago, the budding green tomatoes forming on the japanese tomato plant, where shanti, our pup had stepped, her pawprints
-following the flight of a group of pelicans in formation at the beach and how graceful they were
-loving my daughter up and allowing myself to lose myself in her giggles
-feeling the warmth of shanti as she laid her head right over my foot and kept herself close by
-snuggling up to read bedtime stories and savoring

This scare has been a gift in so many ways. Through this, I was reminded these nuggets of goodness is always available to me, to fill my inner with warm fuzzy bits of joy and happiness, as I need it, no matter what the call on friday revealed.

So this week, as we all embark on our lists of “to-do’s”, meetings, etc….I invite you to journey with me on strengthening your inner core and fill it with bits of joy too, so that you are fortified when challenges come your way. Will you take a minute and share what bits of joy and happy sustains you below? I would love to hear from you. <3



10 thoughts on “How to find joy and bits of happy even in the unknown”

  1. Claire, I am so happy for you! Congratulations on getting a positive call from your doctor, and may the good news continue. Your account of looking out for your bits of joy made me light up with happiness too. My nuggets from this past week included seeing the lilies in our garden burst into bloom, having one of the best client consultations I’ve ever had on Friday (yay!), and sleeping deliciously, sinfully late on Sunday with my husband. All good, and all strengthening in their own ways.

    • Ann,
      Reading your nuggets made me smile too and I closed my eyes and saw a big bunch of lilies in the garden, hmmnnnn–and sleeping in, so delicious. Am wishing you a great week!

  2. The bits of joy and happy that consistently sustain me include watching my kids at their swim meets, playing with my bulldogs, and getting feedback from people who I’ve helped through my recovery bag business, BFFL Co. I think everyone should strive to find and repeat those little day-to-day moments that make them feel happy.

    • For me, I find sometimes it’s the dad to day moments that adds up to bigger a-ha’s. My daughter has been asking me to snuggle with her in the morning, and I have been loving her up and allowing us to get to school a bit later than usual. I love your company and what it stands for!

  3. What joy you must have felt with that phone call!
    This weekend I took time to be outside in the warmth, visit with a good friend and her toddler son, sing karaoke with friends, and go out dancing. And I didn’t do an ounce of work!

    • Yes, and it has really made me shift, stop, and reconsider looking at doing more of what I LOVE. 🙂
      I love that you did not do any work this weekend! Yay to that!

  4. I can’t imagine a word sounding so sweet. So happy for you and yes this blessed me tremendously. I get upset about the slightest ache or pain so I know this experience took quite an emotional toll on you. So glad you are okay and shared your story with us!

    – Dorethia

  5. Ahhh…. yes. I am breathing into strengthening my core. I am entering a time of inner peace, outer calm and hibernation to do this very thing.

    I could sense the relief over your health concern being benign, whew!

    Big HUGS

    • Thanks spiritual momma, I am with you about cocooning into peace and calm:) wishing you a beautiful weekend!
      big HUGS back:)


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