Natural remedy for healing breakups and emotional loss

Healing emotional upset– perfect for broken hearts and grief.

Article written by http://www.1-800homeopathy.com

I was at the Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy today, giving a talk on grief support. I came upon this great remedy at the suggestion of Maggie, one of their pharmicist. This is great for healing all types of emotional upset,s especially grief. Named for the patron saint of spiritual retreats and exercises, this small tree supplies us with the emotionally and physically supportive St. Ignatius bean. In homeopathic form, this remedy treats a wide range of symptoms that can be caused by emotional turbulence. Loss of a loved one, trauma (even in the not so recent past), homesickness, broken hearts of all shapes and sizes, long, intense study periods, constant stress, in short any strong emotions that, if repressed can set off a wide array of symptoms in the body.

On the emotional side, Ignatia works especially well with silent grief, though it also helps those at the other extreme-constant crying, fear, fright and anxiety.If you find yourself constantly thinking about painful situations and you sigh deeply and often, this homeopathic remedy might be of help.  As all disappointed loves know, insomnia or nightmares may be your only choice– until Ignatia. 



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