Heal your broken heart


Are you feeling lost?

Your energy low?

Heart broken into a million little pieces?

Appear to be thriving outwardly but grieving and feeling frustrated or stuck on the inside?

Have you been giving to everyone but yourself?

Feeling like you will never be good enough?


Chances are, no one taught you how to grieve.  



It’s time to rest, recharge, re-claim your power,

rediscover the things that you love,

so you can make your way back to you.



Make 2013 a year to be generous, to YOU.



You’ve probably heard all of the old clichés before.

Light at the end of the tunnel, time will heal, stay busy, etc.

These band-aids won’t address the empty pit feeling inside.

Give yourself the gift of receiving some beautiful and supportive coaching

so you can say bye-bye to these losses for the very last time.


My Philosophy is simple:

I believe loss is not just about life and death, it is about every disappointment

we hold onto. Sometimes, we bring unfinished business into new relationships and

then wonder why history repeats itself.  Loss keeps us stuck and prevents us from being

and having all the things we want in life. We push grief away to only have it come back

even bigger and louder. It’s my mission to zero in on unresolved grief and help you

clear it, whether to make room for more creativity or more joy.

I am here to help you uncover the life you were truly meant to live.




-Having the space to simply be held, listened to and supported

-Giving yourself permission to let the past go and have tools to do so

-Being able to share your fears, your dreams and turn your desires into reality

-Finding your way back to you, hearing your own laughter, and freedom to be, without any expectations

-Restore your heart with a step-by-step self-care plan to love you up

-Improving the quality of time you spend with yourself, your family and friends

I open my heart and extend to you, an invitation.


The Invitation: A Heart-Centered Conversation with Claire

In  (1) 75 minute session via phone or Skype, we will laser in on an issue or loss that is keeping you stuck.

-We will travel to the depths of the grief and excavate what’s stuck.

-You will receive customized next steps and a plan for healing.

-Accountability support will be provided for 3 more weeks via email so you can shift and

be beautifully supported until your new practices embed as a habit.

-A follow-up session for 30 minutes after the 3 weeks to see how everything is settling.

Investment: $279.00

Commitment: You + me = a month journey to restore your heart, reclaim your spirit and heal the past!

(1) 75 minute session

(1) 30 minute follow up

(3) weeks of unlimited email support!

bonus gift: digital grief journal, guided meditation

Your soul wants you to say YES. Nourish your heart. Invest in YOU. 

Take my hand, let’s journey together.



Listen to what others are saying about Claire…

Claire is a beautiful soul whose insights and intuition can take you deeply inside to your authentic self to discover the truths and beliefs not always available to the conscious mind.  Her presence is gentle and warm, but her mission to serve and heal is strong and powerful.  As a result, the work done with her is both healing and refreshing. ~D. Danski, Los Angeles, CA~

Claire is like a lightning-bolt of inspiration.  She’s swift, gets straight to the critical issue, and unpacks it for us to see and make the next critical step.  ~H. Linde, Los Angeles~

“Claire assisted me in uncovering a deeper layer of unresolved grief that needed my love and attention to truly heal and move on with my life. I found so much freedom from her supporting me through the process. Even though I have many tools I can use on my own, having her support and guidance was the key that unlocked a beautiful place in my heart that is now available to me and the people I love.”
–Margalit Ward

Claire is the clarity one looks for when in need of the light. Many times in our beautiful path of growth and expansion we feel the need to be supported and lovingly guided in the right direction…I assure you, you will find that here. With insightful intuition and customized steps you will be gifted the guidance your soul needs to thrive and feel alive again. Allow yourself to re-awake with an angel sent from heaven to point the way. -J. Piedra, Los Angeles


Meet Claire:
As a grief-o-logist, I specialize in losses that are not part of mainstream conversations.  Pet loss, miscarriage, pregnancy loss, suicide, recovery are some of the “elephants in the room” I shine healing light onto. I’ve journeyed through my own walk of fire to overcome stage 4 cancer, infertility, my mother’s suicide, to leaving a destructive marriage and starting over. My approach is intuitive and integrative, melding Masters Degrees knowledge with real-life action steps to all areas of your life- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.Today, I am blessed to use all of my gifts to help people who are ready to move through pain without the suffering.

Some tidbits about me…

I am a foodie and love anything spicy!

I am grateful to be living so close to the beach.

My 5 year old is the girl of my dreams and a daily reminder that miracles DO happen.

My 4 dogs love being models for Luxepets

I love that I can be all of myself in my work – quirky, real, bubbly – even in grief!

I love my beautiful life and I want to help you re-build, re-claim, re-create yours!

You can find me locally in Los Angeles, virtually via phone sessions and globally via Skype. We’ve been blessed to be featured in Marie Claire, InStyle, Martha Stewart Living, Body + Soul, and Good Morning America.  Are you READY or know of someone who is READY to CLEAR AND HEAL emotional losses and clutter from your past so we can see your brilliance? Contact me here: 310.314.9837, claire@clairegillenson.com