hard time walking this afternoon

Maybe my imagination running wild, but my beloved 17 year old family member (or 119 to be exact in people years) had a hard time finishing the last part of her walk today. good news that her sniffers are still intact and she LOVED smelling all of the flowers starting to be in bloom. 🙂 I recognized today also that my 3 year old probably won’t get many more walks with her “sister” (as we so fondly refers to all siblings in this household) and training for her 6 year old “border collie mix sister” will have to happen soon to curtail the pulling to balance out the tug o war between a 30 lb toddler and a 45 lb hunk of love. THANK YOU spirit for allowing me to hold this space, to continuing to walk my talk, to be able to serve and hold and pray and be human in my journey. 🙂 with so much gratitude for this and SO MUCH MORE, 😉 me. I am GRATEFUL for all the tools I hold as a grief counselor! It does come in handy. And I love that I practice what I preach. Love to everyone and their four legged family member!!!

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