Grief, letting go and anniversaries

I am on day 3 of a 30 day meditation practice for grief and loss. Initially, I decided to partake in this journey to walk the talk, not only be able to facilitate this meditation but experience it. What I’ve come to realize, is what a huge gift this is for me. To become a student for 30 days.  I am exploring releasing work and relationships are no longer working for me. To make room for next steps in my practice, in my community. I am reminded that time is precious. I am reminded of why I am here and the work I am doing is so important… and how much I love it!

For me, April is a big month with many anniversaries.  On 04.13, Sophie, the inspiration behind Luxepets crossed over to rainbow bridge from liver cancer. On 4.21, I found out I was pregnant, 04.25. my mother passed away unexpectedly. And tucked in there in between it all is my birthday.

Today, I miss my mom. I miss Sophie. I lean into my grief.  I give myself some of the support, love, comfort I lend to others. The pain is there, and not there. Sometimes it comes as quickly as it goes. Last night, I was scanning in old photos for an upcoming launch on compassion fatigue I will be teaching. Tears came forward as I walked down memory lane with the photos, each telling a story. Laughter followed close second as I came upon silly ones of Sophie, and with her big grin.

To animal parents who are caregivers for senior pets, animal rescue volunteers who give selflessly of themselves, vet techs, vets, anyone who has experienced grief and loss….practice loving kindness and compassion with yourself today. Give yourself a big hug and acknowledgement for all that you do.
If you are grieving, let thoughts and feelings surface and allow them to pass through without judging.  Do something that will make you feel better. For me, I will light a memorial candle for Sophie today.

Sophie Chew 1994-2003 

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