Giving birth to a new life (one day at a time)–The Phoenix rises

A mythical bird, the phoenix represents our renewing of spirit, through change. Symbolizing fire, the sun gives us warmth and sunlight, however, it can also create fire. Fire renews life, even in the eyes of devastation, there is rebirth. But this change does not happen overnight.

As babies, we had to learn to crawl before we learned to walk. Just as God did not create the world in one day, adapting to change will take time. As a born overachiever, I’ve had to learn to slow down and be patient. Know today that there are small things you can do everyday as you continue to integrate a new way of being, living. When we are faced with uncertainty, it is so so important to have small victories as reminders for us to acknowledge, celebrate and reward ourselves for those bits of YES! I am doing it, I am HERE.

Even when the emotional and physical pain feels more intense, I am here to tell you there IS hope (even if it feels like it will never happen for you)

S0 if you have experienced any of this in the past …

-spent time thinking about past mistakes, people you’ve hurt, things you shouldn’t have done
-become anxious worrying about future pains, possible mistakes, because of what you’ve done in the past
-isolate yourself to avoid  future pain but you end up feeling even more lonely, depressed
-you feel angry at others, maybe you lash out, then you feel guilty afterwards

Please don’t judge yourself. We are human, no one is perfect and we all make mistakes. The past can’t be changed. Just as fire renews life, one of the things we can do now is shift our focus on we face our new life, a new future. Can you find some things that are working and to focus on those? Here are a few things  you can implement TODAY to begin giving birth to a new way of being.

Create a list of 10 SIMPLE things that brings you some joy. Here is a few that doesn’t cost much $ or time;
-Eating lunch outside, going for a walk, get out of the house even just to go down the street to the store, go for a short ride on your bike, take a nap, eat chocolate 😉 etc.

-Make a commitment to do at least ONE of those things each day.  (Get a friend to help you follow through if you need support) This will help shift you out of the emotional fog.

-Other ways to distract yourself;
-Reach out and call someone you feel comfortable talking with. Do something nice for someone else. Do chores. Run errands. Figure out what brings you COMFORT. Is it lighting a candle? running a bath? listening to soothing music? a hug? When I am feeling drained, a bath with epsom salts or himalayan sea salts and essential oils helps pull out toxins and soothes my body, physically and emotionally.

These are just a few ways to begin the rebirth process. All of these activities takes just a few minutes, short enough they can be done anytime, anywhere (depending on your list)

Try these little things to see what shifts is possible the next time you are faced with some painful emotions. “As the legend goes, when the Phoenix rises anew from the ashes, she is even more beautiful than before.” Here’s to your beauty!


2 thoughts on “Giving birth to a new life (one day at a time)–The Phoenix rises”

  1. I think it is a great idea to find and make a commitment to doing the little things in life that make you happy. These little moments might not be remembered and cherished as much as big, life changing events, but will make those events even greater.

    • I try and do this with my daughter everyday! And all of her special moments are with my heart always, especially when she’s not with me.


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