Get your “joy sparkles” on!

Ten years ago,
My heart was broken.
I was grieving deeply, having just said good-bye to a marriage
followed by the death of my beloved dog, Sophie.

Sophie was my little dutch boy with his finger in the dam.
The catalyst for me to shine the flashlight on my own grief.

I started a luxury pet keepsakes company to honor her, and heal my grief.
I was still numb.
I had no idea how I was supposed to be in the world with my darkness.

In all that darkness I used my awesome work ethic to move forward.
In all honesty though, it still sucked.
Want to know why?

I closed my heart.
Because I was “grieving”
I said no the light.
I stayed in the dark.
I didn’t let any joy in.

Not one joy sparkle.
Not when we launched Luxepets gifting styling celebrity pooches.
Not when I sold my first remembrance charm at the NYC gift show.
Not when we were featured in InStyle magazine’s holiday editorial next to Burberry.

Why am I telling you this?
Whether you are grieving,  weathering your own challenges, feeling okay but want to feel great,
I want to let you in on a little secret.

You have permission to feel a sparkle of “joy”, or what I call “Joy sparkles” even when you are feeling like crap.
Especially on those days when you have to drag yourself out of bed,
It’s when we need sparkles of joy to motivate us.

What are “joy sparkles”?

It can be as simple as:
-writing yourself a post it note to yourself before you go to bed, so you awake to something you need to hear. IE: “I matter.” “This WILL get better.”
-set your coffeemaker timer to brew, so you have a cup of coffee waiting for you in the morning, or when you make your bed in the am, turn it like in a hotel and leave yourself a mint.
-put something nutritious on the kitchen counter for you to take before you goto work. I love my Lara bars when I am running late.
-find a funny something to watch on youTube.
-you don’t have to be a dog person or own one to go to a dog park, or pet store for some unconditional love.
-at work, get up from your desk, go walk OUTSIDE. Go find a tree. And really LOOK. Pay attention to how the branches extend out, the leaves, the color. Notice.
Drink it in. Allow your senses to perk up. Imagine the tree as a young seedling and how it’s grown over time.
-If you are in an office park/cubicle, get up. Walk over to a Starbucks or a café near you. Notice something different on way there, something you haven’t seen before.

The point is; Do SOMETHING that allows some joy into your daily life.

The key is to do something, 1 thing, everyday.

Action. Forward. Action.

When we are sitting in dark, we feel alone, in that boat out to sea, having to do everything ourselves.
We miss the person, the pet that used to do those things for us.

When we begin to DO for ourselves, each joy sparkle will illuminate the room just a bit more.
The darkness begins to lift.

November is the month of manifestation! Can you committ to doing one thing that gets your “joy sparkles” up and out?
Look at one dream you have, and see if you can do one little joyful thing each day to bring you closer to it.
I would love to hear about your “woot woot” below.

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