Get your giddy on!

When we are faced with a loss, sometimes we hesitate to take that first step forward back out into the world. In order to protect ourselves, we limit our emotions so we can control the sadness or the hurt. But sometimes,it means we lose out our chance for happiness as well. What if I told you that you can take a small stretch, one small step towards happy by getting your giddy on?

When was the last time you felt giddy?
I mean REALLY giddy, silly, letting yourself go, like the first time you fell in love, or ate ice-cream on a bright shiny day kind of giddy?  I am talking about THAT kind of doubling over laughing hard kind of giddy.

Often, it is much easier to get our fear and worry on. Today, can you give fear and worry a voice? Take a few moments and write a letter from fear or worry’s point of view. What is it fear or worry is telling you?  Most likely, fear and worry is there to “protect” you from the hurt.  Then take a moment and write a letter back in response to fear or worry. Tell them thank you, and you’ve appreciated the help, now you are going to give them a new role in your life, by helping you get your mojo, your spunk, your giddy back.

It can be something small. I planted sunflower seeds in my organic veggie garden last weekend. A few days ago, 6 of them came up:) For not having a green thumb, this makes me feel giddy! My inner 4 year old is as happy as my 4 year old daughter when we water the garden. As we approach the weekend, think about how you can get your giddy on…

helping you get back to happy, one sunflower at a time!





11 thoughts on “Get your giddy on!”

  1. So true – we so much more easily gravitate towards worry and anxiety. But it’s also true that laughter is the best medicine, and feeling giddy is awesome! I try to focus on what’s right vs. what’s wrong, and it makes all the difference.

    • Yes, it’s like flexing a muscle, we can continually practice in thinking more positively so that it will come more naturally, even during stressful times.

  2. The last time I was giddy was when I was taking trapeze class. I love the excitement of tackling something new and scary !! My heart beats like crazy — but the release of joy once you tackle the wee demon is so exhilarating !

  3. The last time that I was giddy was when I was in the middle of an impromptu drumming circle with my then two year old – and he was the best drummer out of the bunch. But seriously, giddiness is hard to remember otherwise, so maybe I should try to find more giddy-inspiring experiences. I like the idea of planting something – I’ve been thinking of planting some collards and bell peppers on my patio and since I don’t have a green thumb either, if they grow that will certainly be a thrill…

  4. I love this idea- giddy up! Whenever I have accomplished something I do my happy happy joy joy dance. It’s silly but it gets my giddy on and if someone catches me doing it, they usually get their giddy on! 🙂

  5. Today I was practicing a presentation for my company, BFFL Co. As I ran through the presentation several times, my confidence level increased exponentially. By the time I was done practicing for the day, I felt sure of myself and prepared for the real presentation tomorrow. This feeling of assurance was accompanied by a feeling of giddiness and excitement at what I felt I had succeeded in.


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