Find joy to burn out the pain

Did you wake up feeling heavy and out of sorts today? Helpless that you can’t do more in the wake of the Boston Marathon Tragedy? Fearful of what is next? Angry?

Instead of posting or sharing another news story about the tragedy, be the change you want to see.  Don’t give the person(s) who did this the validation of our fear.

Focus on LOVE today. Focus on seeing where you can practice more compassion, kindness, empathy with loved ones AND strangers. Channel the collective grief you may feel into LIGHT.

Take time to thank the person who just served you coffee at Starbucks.
Don’t take for granted all the people who help make your day a little easiser.

Take that one step towards that dream you have been thinking about.
If yesterday rattled your heart, today is the day to apply some love to the places that hurt.

Pick up the phone and CALL a friend you have been meaning to.
This is the way we can weave more meaningful truths.

The next time you are in the bathroom washing your hands, look in the mirror and tell yourself the things you are proud of about you.
Yes, YOU. The love begins here–within.

If you feel stuck in your job, try to find just one bit of gratitude in ONE blessing about it.

Look into the eyes of someone, really LOOK. Then LISTEN.

Today, listen to your heart. Listen to the guidance of your own heart.

And find the courage to live more authentically, with our WHOLE HEART.

Everyday. Even in the face of tragedy, crisis, adversity, there can be LOVE.
We can’t answer the “whys” today. But we can collectively shift consciousness so there is more LOVE.

Find the place inside where there is joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.

Together, we can shine more light. Please help by:

♥ Sharing below one thing you will commit to doing today to burn out the pain.

♥ Share this post somewhere today to help another soul that may be in fear.

With loving,


11 thoughts on “Find joy to burn out the pain”

  1. I am a runner too and my heart really goes out to those that lost their limbs in this tragedy. This event really touched me and I hope to be able to contribute in any way I can to help the families affected.

    • It’s my hope that we continue to contribute by the actions of our love, beyond this event into every day of our lives. There is still folks in the hospital from last week. Light and healing love to them!

  2. Touching article. It’s insane to think that this kind of stuff happens in the world, but it is really beautiful when people such as you remind us to remember love. Thanks for that.

  3. I love that Joseph Campbell quote too! It’s such a powerful reminder that we can experience pain and joy at the very same time in the very same body. So often it’s just a matter of tuning into it… shifting perspective, redirecting focus. You did that for me today. So thank you.


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