Dear mom-anniversary of your passing

Dear mom,

Today is the anniversary of your transition. It’s been 5 years since your transition. I look back at the day to this day and how much I have grown. Tonight, I celebrate you. I often tell my clients even in our darkest hours, there is a light. I have been thinking about you all day. I think about your strength, your love, your resilience.
I think about where I am now. I think about picking up the phone still and wishing I could share the moments about your granddaughter. And then I remind myself how I can, not in the way I would like to. I think about how the literal would bring me so much more comfort, to hear your voice and feel your touch. And then I am able to separate myself from my wants and desires from my reality. I realize the gift you have brought me in the past five years, and how your light lives on in my every day that I am able to share my gift with others. Tonight, after checking in with dad how we feel your presence, I send you my love. And as I light a candle for you tomorrow, that flame burns deeply within me. And I am grateful. I am reminded of love that reaches across time and space, in the work that I do, and that brings me comfort. In knowing as the rain is coming down in sheets tonight, your love also pours into me, in the work that I do, in the souls that I reach, in a reminder that the sadness I feel tonight shall pass in the morning as the sun rises. And this too, is a part of the ongoing, integrated, grieving process that we all go through. Thank you for continuing to inspire me in the work that I do. I love you.


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