Day Two-Embracing change

This morning, I sat as I usually did when I journaled…in the living room with a steaming mug of tea. It’s my favorite part of the day, when it is quiet, watching beams of sunlight poke through the frosted pane in the front window. Birds chirp, making music with the water fountain that sits catty corner to the front door.
Somehow, this morning looked different somehow. It was as if I was looking at it through a new lense. And then I realized, I was.

We are countering an offer for the house this afternoon. If the buyers accept—in 45 days I will be journaling in another living room.

The quote “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optionable” floats in my head. Except the word “pain” is replaced by “change”.
In eastern cultures such as buddhism, we are taught that everything is impermanent.
The good lasts for a while and then it shifts. The not so good also comes and goes.
And usually, even the not so good leads to something more positive, as there is a hidden gift, a lesson learnt in there, if we choose to see it.

Free Will.
Even in Change we have choices.

Ultimately, it comes down to how we perceive things.
Is there another way to look at this life transition?

What are some of my options of looking at this move?
This morning, I am choosing to lean into change vs. resisting. 

Finding a new home will be our new adventure.
A different perspective than holding it as “hard” or “won’t be as nice as the place we are at now”
Fresh start with my beloved husband whom I adore.
Creative space where there is new energy.
New opportunities to create without financial constraints

What are some ways you can shift your point of view, or think out of the box if you are facing a life transition?
We have the ability to embrace change.
It doesn’t have to happen over night.
So just for today, I will be gentle as I open my arms to new changes.


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