Day 5-I am not the sum of my responsibilities

“I am not the sum of my responsibilities” is posted on my vision board along with other inspiring quotes. Today, I had a great coaching session with Treysii Zamarano, who reminded me to re-direct my focus on one thing, vs wearing the supermom hat. I have been feeling scattered lately, with the house sale, coaching, expanding the practice and luxepets. This morning, I awoke to an email from the broker that the other partyis still interested and to stay tune. Surprisingly, I found myself feeling neutral about it.  Being certain in uncertain times takes courage to surrender. And it takes energy to process.
So in between a inspiring call to put finishing touches on a workshop I am creating with Cara Gubbins, coaching and shipping pet memorial candles, I started feeling the chills, the beginning of a cold.  Drops of oregano oil, cups of hot tea later,  I am unplugging, practicing self-care. A spicy thai take out of Tom Yum Kai to sweat this cold out, some Pad Thai for Kayman, roasted veggies in the oven for Michael. Just for tonight, I am practicing being in my feminine, receiving, hanging out with the family, lounging in comfy sweats and loving special k and Michael up. <3


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  1. What a powerful message! I myself always need a reminder that we are not just about what we do for others but also what we do for ourselves. Thank you for such as wonderful post!


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