Day 3-Trusting the process

In a conversation yesterday, someone said to me “be careful what you wish for” as I shared updates about the house. The offer, the counter offer. This house journey feels like it has taken on a life of its own. Just as I hold for my clients, working with them to trust in the process, committed without being attached to the outcome, I now am called forward to uplevel and do the same…..48 hours until we hear back.

It feels like yesterday when Cassandra came over and together, we created our vision board for 2012. We had just started talking about selling the house then.
Pouring over photos from magazines, I created a “house for sale journey” on one corner. Today….a quote caught my eye; “change is possible….and it can happen quickly”.

This has happened so quickly for us. 2 weeks ago, we signed with a broker, 1 week later it was listed on the MLS. Open house 3 days later, caravan 2 days following and now an offer, followed by a counter offer.

The saying “things happen for a reason” keeps looping in my head.  I am an observer watching our house journey unfold.  
I ask myself, what are the odds that out of thousands of people living in Venice, you know the family who might live here. Our girls played at the park together.  What are the odds, that you are in a book club with their broker?  Without reading too much into it, it just feels right.

Today, even as I felt a tad bit anxious after searching on westside rentals and MLS for our next dream home and came up empty handed, that feeling came and went.

Trust was a quality I focused on cultivating my second year of grad school, and that was the year Kayman came into my life against all odds.
To cultivate greater trust in myself about this house journey, I’ve started at 32 day process to let go and trust.
I am committed to feeling more in my heart, my gut, versus my head. Without beating myself up over the choices I’ve made in the past, I love and accept myself.
I let go of my lists of shoulds, would haves, could haves and recognize when emotions come up, this is what’s true for me right now. It can all change in a moment.
I am trusting this process is unfolding for my highest good.

With that said, I send light ahead to the next 48 hours and continue to trust.


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