Day 10-Trying happiness on

In recent days where much of our news centers around unemployment, slumping housing market, what we are lacking—life changing news during uncertain economic times can alter our day at a moment’s notice. “Oh no, my 401k just took another hit”, “no one is spending right now”, “they’ve just announced another round of layoffs, what if I am next?”
This emotional rollercoaster we put ourselves on can become paralyzing. We can also come to accept we have another choice.
Happiness. We can choose this at any time. Is it really possible?
Even if you find yourself out of work, out of love, single again, down on your luck, just what if for a bit, we take life on a moment-to-moment basis, without future thinking, worrying and just be in the now.

Today, I decided to take myself up on my offer. After a few days of back and forths with one counter offer after another on the house, all the while recovering from the flu, I was  d-o-n-e. My brain had melted and all I wanted was calgon to take me away.
My meditation high from this morning was gone by 10am, replaced by buckets of tears. In between skyping with my coach and a supportive chat with my sister-in-law, I felt a bit better, having cried through the mascara and the eyeliner by now. A few coaching calls were waiting so I mustered up my inner counselor for some dialogue. I told myself now was a time as good as any. I decided I could be miserable for the rest of the day or make the decision to choose joy. Be happy. Or at least try to. 2 calls, one
Luxepets order to the post office later, I channeled my inner mom and went to pick Kayman up from school. Having just put her to bed now 3 hours later,  I must admit I’ve waffled a bit here and there this afternoon, but for most part, it worked. Be happy. It was that simple.  
Today’s inspired action:
For the next few moments, go within and make a decision to be happy.
Lean into what happy feels like, look like, for you.
You can always change your mind later. 


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