As an intuitive, I serve as a “human bridge” between you and your pets. My work is collaborative, with 110% of my heart.  Communicating intuitively with your pet, I can relay your questions and share the information with you so you can grow, flourish and expand your love for each other.

I intuitively work with you to clarify the relationship you have with your pet, and suggest ways  to deepen your bond, both physically and emotionally. Together, I will help you discover the spiritual lessons and gifts your pet has in store for you.

If your pet is sick, it is my hearts desire that through our work together, you will shift from feeling helpless to a perspective of learning, honoring and strengthening and empowerment. If you are close to having to make a life-changing decision about your pet’s health, this can change the euthanasia experience so that it is more peaceful and honoring of the good-bye.

Imagine walking away with a real, concrete plan and actions steps to clarify what is most nurturing, heartfelt and healing for you and/or your beloved pet.

How this will work:

I work collaborative with you, as a “bridge” between you and your pet. I do readings from a photograph, working with clients via Skype or phone from my office. Email me (Claire@clairegillenson.com) up to  (2) questions you may have (please be specific as possible) and I will have a session with your pet. Then you and I will meet and create a plan for what’s next.

-Session with your pet prior to our meeting
-20 minute session with you to review
-Recording of session
-Creation of a collaborative plan for what’s next




  • One question = $25
  • Two questions = $40




Email  (claire@clairegillenson.com) your question(s). Please be as clear, concise and specific as possible. Please include a photo of your pet. I will reply to you within 24-48 hours.