What is your havingness?

Newsletter to hospital team members 5/10/23 In my work with the hospital, my private practice and pet loss consulting work, I talk alot about the importance of psychological safety. If you have wondered about what veterinary wellness coaching with me looks like- it’s all about helping team members go from survive to thrive. It’s important … Read more

Don’t be cheap with your love

Hello beautiful souls, Immersed in the world of creating life after loss, I know both professionally and personally how challenging the journey of change can. This is especially true when we want something to change (um, yesterday please). It doesn’t matter if we are moving through grief, trying to release weight, create a new habit, … Read more

Feel it so you can heal it!

Today, I want to speak to my alter ego that’s been crowding my space. I call her Tough Tammy. Tough Tammy is type A and a go-getter. She is all about making it happen. Especially when she is grieving, she likes to keep busy. It helps her keep the lid on her emotions. I wrote … Read more

With Death Looking Over My Shoulder

“The moment you have in your heart  this extraordinary thing called love and feel the depth, the delight, the ecstasy of it, you will discover that for you the world is transformed”. -Krishnamurti My 88 year old aunt suffered a massive stroke this past Thursday. It happened during the morning and by the time her … Read more

Williesha Morris

Claire isn’t just a grief counselor. She is an accountability partner to help you get through your day. She’s not simply there to talk about your emotions or your past. She utilizes those emotions into actionable steps you can take to get you back to balance. I’ve never lost anyone close to me, but she … Read more

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