Are you the light or the mirror? –Shine your light!

A FB friend posted on her wall the passing of a beloved friend this week. An author, producer, and public speaker, Lori Hope wrote a cancer support book called “Help me Live. 20 things a person with cancer would want you to know.”

At the bottom of her homepage was a quote from Edith Wharton “There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” She dedicated her life to outreach and making a difference.

I did not know Lori personally. But her energy, loving, whooshed out from her website, inspiring this post. I love that Lori continues to be a “light” to many through her book. I told myself, that’s more of what I would like to be!

Recently, a healer I see asked me what was my soul purpose? It brought up all sorts of reflections about what I am here to do on this earth. And do well. Then, I reflected on that last part, the “do well”part. The perfectionistic part. That’s the part I am working on letting go! (Whooosh–oh how I wish, but it is getting easier:)

Can you relate? How many times have you given up on doing something because you feared that you wouldn’t do it well? Or judged yourself because it wasn’t perfect?

I’ve been told I don’t seem like a life transition/grief coach when I introduce myself at networking events or social gatherings. Perhaps, they are set off by my quirky, sparkly self that comes through when they expected me to be all doom and gloom. Afterall, grief seems to be a heavy topic for most (except me). “It must be so hard!” is the comment I receive most. (And no, it really isn’t. It actually makes my heart sing to be able to journey with someone through to the other side).

This summer, I have been giving bi-weekly coaching sessions on loss for onehealth.com. We gather during the lunch hour to connect, share, on topics ranging from loss of relationships to most recently, who brings out the best in you. It’s been here that I’ve let my natural goofiness shine. It’s a closed community of 10-15 peeps, a place where I can be of service. I started off lecturing in the beginning–carefully preparing my powerpoint presentation, practicing beforehand to make sure it was timed to the nth. And yet, that first time, I was nervous, and ran out of time.

Fast forward to now, it is organic, with interactive exercises we all do together in real time. We laugh, I invite feedback. And sometimes, folks leave with their assumptions of what it would be like all twisted around.:) I LOVE what this has become. And them. I even love how some commented on how I said “holy mackerel” a few weeks ago.

A part of me realizes that I am making up for lost time. Getting my giggle, my silliness ON, making up for all of the years I was told to be “seen and not heard”. And that is completely OK. At 44, I am just beginning!

So today, I invite you to ask yourself; is there a part of yourself that you are not sharing with the world?

If so, would you considering opening your heart so that we can see your brilliance?

Come shine your light with me sista! Woot woot! Together, we will breathe more joy, more love, into the world. (and more silliness–yup, I can own that part of me now)

With much love,

2 thoughts on “Are you the light or the mirror? –Shine your light!”

  1. So powerful Claire! I bet your a great grief coach, wish I knew you when I desperately needed one. i think the part of me I don’t share with the world is my snarky, one-two punchy self. I try to be “nice” and “professional” like everyone else. Not how I am with friends who love my honest, raw self.


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