Accepting what is…and a new year follow up gift for you!

Hello there! How are all of your new years intentions coming along? I was doing a good job at getting my new year underway, working through my say goodbye to 2012/hello 2013 .pdf,  de-cluttering, putting away holiday decorations, reving up the Vitamix Santa left, and then everything unraveled.

A few nights ago, while assembling a Lego Friend City Park Café with Special K , head and back hunched over hundreds of tiny pieces of Legos, I received a huge bear hug from behind and something crackeled and popped in my upper back. While this mama loved this love offering, my 40 something body didn’t.

So for the past few days, shooting pain down the arm when there is too much tapping on the keyboards, and a similar experience down the back when I sit for too long has not only pinched a nerve, but my work flow. So instead of fighting it, I’ve tried to make friends with this sciatica pain this week.

Curious as to what brought this on, I googled Louise Hay ‘s heal your body website. In  her book Heal Your Body, she relates upper back pain to feeling unloved or holding back love. Hmnnn….got me thinking, new year, new opportunities, am I holding myself back from anything? Am I feeling a lack of emotional support?  Do I have a hard time asking for help?

I fretted this morning for a bit. “My Tuesday blog! “ “Those emails I must return” my mind went slipping into the spin cycle. Then the tingling of my right palm gave me pause and reminded me to slow down.  Slow down and accept what is. A slower pace for right now. The house is messier, this blog will be much shorter, and it is all okay.

So in the spirit of learnings, lessons, and self-growth…how is your year starting off so far? Has anything happened to give you pause? Reflect? Slow down?  The best thing I’ve learned when plans de-rail is to just take a deep breathe and love myself.  I also know it’s a perfect time to practice receiving and asking for help.

I am still putting the finishing touches on my goodbye 2012/ hello 2013 .pdf and have gotten a few emails about it.
As part of my intention is inviting more community this year, AND to heal my back by infusing it with more LOVE,  I would love to gift  5 FREE 15 minute laser coaching if you would like some support with completing your pdf. You can also use your 15 minutes as a clarity laser coaching session to get closer to whatever dream awaits you this year.

Send me an email at claire@clairegillenson.com this week and we’ll jot something in the calendar to get your 2012 completed and 2013 started!  My apologies for not having å timedriver installed yet, I’d love some recommendations for a MAC based software (also on my hello 2013 list) Drop me a note below and let me know how your 2013 is so far <3 !

Until next week,
Lots of love!

6 thoughts on “Accepting what is…and a new year follow up gift for you!”

  1. Love how you really listened to your body Claire to slow down and simply be present with it – pain or no pain, it’s ALL a part of our experience and growth when we allow it to be!

    As you saw on my last blog post, I definitely know what it feels like to unravel just a bit when the unexpected happens!

    On another note, HUGE congrats on the Vitamix! I can’t wait to swap recipes with you :).

    Here’s to approaching 2013 with more ease, grace, and PRESENCE!

  2. Claire, I love how you are receiving and honoring the messages from your body! What a great model and reminder for all of us.

    My Vita Mix is my number 1 kitchen appliance! So happy you have one. I don’t know how I lived before Vita Mix!! Thanks, Santa!

    Happy New Year!

  3. This post was great, Claire!

    It’s interesting because this year started off so wonderfully for me. Things were going along swimmingly and then I started hitting blocks.

    I started to stress and worry and wonder what I should do. It started to affect my sleep even.

    But coming out of my mastermind meeting today and reading your post has me telling myself to chill. Sure shit might be hitting the fan in some ways but I’m forgetting about all the wonderful opportunities that await me in the months ahead.

    So thank you for reminding me to sit back, reflect and move forward without forcing it.

    • Yes! Wonderful opportunities awaits you:) and you have all of the inner resources for the FLOW to continue. Imagine bumps as just reminders to slow down and not decide anything for the moment. That’s what I try to remember to do now when my head gets loud. 🙂


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