Meet Claire- Pet Loss Consultant/ Life Transition Coach

Claire knows your grief can be just as deep as your love for your pet. What she also knows thanks to her experience and training is how to get through the pain to a place where you can remember your animal companion with affection and grace.


Claire, a life transitions/grief coach, has helped hundreds of people who feel stuck after a significant life transition heal from trauma to become their best selves. 


Her pet loss work has enabled pet lovers worldwide to not only accept their grief, but grow from it. From workshops, coaching sessions to self-guided pet loss programs, she helps pet owners unpack their heartbreak and understand why the loss of an animal’s unconditional love can trigger feelings in other, unexpected areas of their lives. As the in-house life balance coach for Access Specialty Animal Hospitals, she coaches staff members on healthy coping mechanisms to optimize health and life balance.  

 In the process of working with Claire, clients have been able to…

-re-open hearts to find love & marriage after loss of a spouse

-expand hearts to love humans as they’ve loved their beloved furry family members

-honor and shift their grief from a place of suffering to compassionate self-forgiveness

-find the courage to leave an unfulfilling 9-5 to finally start their own business

-heal from secondary trauma to create more life/work balance in veterinary setting 

-“see” their future and infinite potentials in it & take baby steps to make it happen




Pre-pet loss…

Claire’s background as a serial entrepreneur makes for a unique and powerful combination. With a B.S. in Graphic Design, she worked with brands like Absolute Vodka, Sony Vaio, Kaiser Permanente, Blue Cross of CA, Toyota and Lexus. In 2003 the death of her dog Sophie ignited a passion to create a company to soulfully celebrate the human and pet bond. In the first year of business, her products were featured in InStyle holiday gift guide and on necks of celebrity pooches. Sophie’s death led Claire to her own spiritual evolution and launched her next career calling.

Post Sophie…

Claire went back to school and earned a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, certification in Grief Recovery, Grief Bereavement Facilitation, and Animal Reiki, certified Pet Loss Counselor, is a member of the Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement, International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care. Claire’s work has been featured in InStyle, Marie Claire, Martha Stewart Living, and more.  


Today, Claire loves supporting clients as they find out who they are meant to become. But it wasn’t always like this for her. Over the decades, it’s been quite a journey! 

  • overcame stage 4 bone cancer 19
  • naturally healed herself from Hashimotos post cancer
  • overcame infertility to naturally conceive even though she was in perimenopause and every fertility doctor in Los Angeles said it would never happen
  • lost her mother to suicide the same week she found out she was pregnant
  • bounced back from grief to pivot a new career calling
  • continues to walk her talk to help others make lemonade from lemons 


Now, some other tidbits about Claire besides work….

  • She’s a foodie and avid chef, and love anything spicy!
  • She’s grateful to be living so close to the beach, where her dogs Lucy & Linus loves to romp.
  • Her tween daughter continues to be the girl of her dreams and a daily reminder that miracles DO happen.