A symbol of light shined into the world…

“May this candle be a symbol of the light your loved one shined into the world and into your life…”
Even in my work as a grief counselor, I find myself walking through darkness at moments in my own life. I find myself in the ebb and flow of loss. I am grateful that I can allow the emotions to come forward and through me. I can be in it, but not off it. Tonight, I find myself looking into the memory bank, yearning for the moment of what once was. To hold, to snuggle, smell, touch, feel. I will instead, light a candle in loving memory. Yes, walking the walk of the talk….it is affirming and yet humbling. This is my path. I come back to it time and time again to integrate it into my life force once more. And I thank spirit for this breathe of bittersweet.
In such loving gratitude tonight,

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