A bunny, a girl and angels in heaven.

Last Monday, I had a chance to connect with Pet Loss Care Memorial Center in Victoria, British Columbia. The owner, Jocelyne Monette and I bonded over pet loss and how a positive experience with loss can set the foundation for how we relate to grief for an entire lifetime to come. Below is a story she shared with me, I hope I do it justice, as it touched me in a profound way when she shared.

A bunny, a girl and angels.

Jocelyne received a call one day from a family who was moving and wanted a grave exhumed. The family had 2 bunnies as pets and one had passed away last year. They buried the bunny in the backyard but now was moving.

The little girl went to her mother tearful one day, because she did not want to go without the bunny. After a series of questions, Jocelyne discovered the bunny was buried in a shoebox. The little girl had written a letter to the bunny and included it in the burial. Jocelyne went and dug up the makeshift grave and brought it back to her pet memorial center.

Because the bunny had spent much of the year in the shoebox, the body was still intact. Jocelyne froze the bunny, then chipped away at the dirt until she could prepare the body for cremation. Before the Bunny was cremated, Jocelyne clipped a small patch of fur behind the Bunny’s ear. She also recovered parts of the letter and saved the part that had a heart the little girl drew.

The ashes was returned a week later with the fur and heart. The little girl recognized the patch of fur and the heart. She said “That’s her! And she got my note. I know she doesn’t need her body in heaven and she isn’t sick anymore. She’s there with the angels. I can take this with me to our new house. Now she can be there with us there too.”  This positive experience will forever change how this little girl handles grief.  

Imagine your first experience with loss. How might your life be different if you had an experience like hers?

Our loved ones who’ve passed want us to know that they are happy. They want us to take steps to rediscover our joy after loss. I spoke a little about that last week.

Related to the tips from last week to incorporate more living into your life after loss, this week’s 5 tips focuses on rebuilding after loss. I had the wonderful opportunity of being on Lindsay Marino’s Intuitive Guidance Show on Blog Talk Radio last night. we chatted about how her life changed 5 years ago when her fiance passed away unexpectedly in an accident. I wanted to provide her listeners with real life practical tools one can begin to implement right away after loss. Here they are below, and you can also listen to the replay here. Our theme was to keep moving, one moment, one day at a time.

5 tips to keep moving in the face of loss.

  1. Stop trying to change history. Let go of control of the way you wished things could have turned out; how it should have been. Instead, do one thing you can today to REBUILD coming from a place of honoring the one you lost.
  2. Live life from a place of love vs. fear. What spiritual lesson did this loss inspire you with? To be a little more fearless? To smell the roses? When we live our life from a place of love, there is a buoyancy we feel of being supported, of not having to go it alone. 
  3. Ask yourself if the things you are worrying about, feeling guilty or judging yourself for is a FACT or opinion you have (statistics show that worries 90% of the time is unfounded) Chances are, the worry is usually about something that has happened in the PAST and you are now future fantasizing about what may happen, worrying and giving them to the what if’s. 
  4. Ask yourself where your source of love and approval comes from. See if you can rebuild more with you being number 1. The one you would want to spend every Saturday night with and be perfectly content. The one you goto for advice (seek your inner counselor, your wise one, your intuition)
  5. Allow yourself to feel any emotions that comes up vs. putting a lid on it. We try to distract to not go to that sad place, the empty feeling place. A way of rebuilding would be to allow those emotions to come into the empty pit that may be inside so it can travel through and out.

Oh my gosh. Lindsay and I then chatted about pet loss and the new collaboration I have with Angel Guides for Animals.  Can you tell I am super excited about the animals this week? I hope you are as well, or know of someone who might benefit from an pet angel guide session. I’ve teamed up with an animal communicator/reiki master to bring reiki healing to pets worldwide. Have you ever wanted to talk to your pet? Know what your pet is thinking? Now you can:) Read more about that here, plus receive an additional 10% discount off by mentioning this blog.

I send you all so much love this week, wherever you are. I have felt a surge of goodness everywhere I’ve been since the full moon and I have been sending it out everyday during my meditation. I want to sprinkle it everywhere! I even spoke to 2 dogs yesterday during  a mini reading. (yes, the clair cognizant is coming out of the closet)

Thank you for spending time with me here. I would LOVE to hear from you any related tales of bunny love or other positive experiences with loss you might have had below! As always, thank you from the bottom of my heart for spending a bit of your day with me.

Lots of love,





6 thoughts on “A bunny, a girl and angels in heaven.”

    • Isn’t it just a beautiful one? I think society has made us trip over the topic of death, and if relayed in a different light, it can be SO different.

  1. Thank you for this post. Timely for me this week. We heard about THREE sad losses this week – all in their early 40s….and one was a close friend of my husbands. 🙁 Appreciate especially allowing the emotions….that’s an important one.

    • <3 and so much light to you this week. Gentleness and compassion comes to mind for the grieving heart, and to set time aside for thoughts and contemplation. I am here to support you and your hubs. xoxo

    • Dear Lorena,
      thanks for visiting. Please feel free to share, and light and love ahead to your bestie. Let me know if I can support her in any way. xoxo


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