3 simple ways to turn information into transformation

Many of us have signed up for self- improvement/self-help workshops, seminars with notebook in hand. At the event, we sit for hours, taking detailed notes with the intention of re-reading it once we get home. We soak up the energy of the amazing bits we’ve collected, we may even exchange business cards with other like minded individuals.

This could happen at home too. We read about an amazing, transformational self-help book online. We rush to amazon.com to download it onto our Kindle. As we pour over the chapters, we head nod and say to ourself, yes, this is written for me! Then days, perhaps weeks go by and we’ve gotten sidetracked by….

…life. Yup.

Daily life, work, obligations got in the way you tell yourself.
You still have all of the juicy info tucked in that part of your brain, you just haven’t had time to excavate it. You will do it when you have more time, more resources.

Then (drum roll) the path to self-blame, guilt, disappointment pops up—where it joins the other “daily life stuff” in the carpool lane.
But wait!

It doesn’t have to!

Below are 3 simple ways to transform some of those bits and bobs of magical words you’ve recently downloaded in your brain into ACTION!


  1. FOCUS. Pick one transformation at a time. One realistic, doable, actionable thing you want to accomplish. One that doesn’t come with a lot of baggage (ie-lots of financial investment, physical stuff you might have to purchase in order to do it, you get the drift) This gets rid of the we don’t have the resource right now.
  2. PRACTICE. Commit to doing it for at least 5 minutes (you can pick the duration, a day, a week, a month)  This gets rid of the excuse We don’t have the time right now. And it also makes it so much less SCARY when we are trying something new for the first time.
  3. ACCOUNTABILITY. Pick a buddy to report once you’ve done it. Email, text, when you have completed it. Or post it on a sheet of paper and cross it out once you’ve done it. The ritual of completing something and crossing it off the list can be as joyful as doing whatever you set your mind to transform for those 5 minutes.

In walking my talk–here’s how I brought my woo-woo out of the closet this week.

Over the years, I’ve shared with my coaching clients my intuitive insights as they’ve popped up, always with the disclaimer this is the Clair Cognizant side of me, and take from it what resonates and leave the rest. Last Fall, the messages and images I’d been receiving started coming more frequently, even in my dreams. It led me to seek out support and teachings from others who had this “gift”. There was this scientific part of me who wanted a measurement stick of this “woo” part of myself I had been “hiding”. Learning from others would help “validate” me, I told myself. In February, I had a reading with a psychic who not only confirmed my abilities, but said that my mother had the “gift”. Still sort of a doubting Thomas, I kept it close to my heart. Then in April, my mother came for a spiritual visit the week of my birthday and shared more news with me (thanks to amazing intuitive Lindsay Marino for this gift).  Later in the month, I finally put into practice some of the intuitive tools I had learnt from intuitive Cara Gubbins. (thank you both for being such amazing support to me!) I did a 3 foot toss this past week and set out to “practice” my intuitive gifts by offering mini readings.

So here’s my 3 simple steps I took.
FOCUS: I focused on my love for the animals and set out to invite intuitive readings from pet lovers.
PRACTICE: I committed to 20 minutes sessions (it takes me a few minutes just to tune in and get comfy, I figured 20 for 1-2 questions)
ACCOUNTABILITY: I reported back to my support team when I completed the readings and asked for feedback from the clients.

One reading from a lovely kitty named Lexi.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to practice my gifts with Katie. Her kitty Lexi passed away 5 years ago and Katie has been thinking about her almost daily. She wanted some insights as to see if Lexi had a message for her. Lexi was a constant companion for her growing up, and they shared many wonderful moments together.
When I tuned in, I saw a tabbie kitty bathing and licking herself. While Katie and I chatted, and this image came up again! So I told Katie and she confirmed yup, Lexi did this often, almost obsessively. If my analytical brain was the one running the show, I probably would have dismissed the image for something more “concrete”, tee hee to come along.
As the container for her healing, being able to share these and other beautiful images and bits and bobs of information that came forward instead, and all of it wove itself into a beautiful tapestry for her journey now.

So will you join me this Spring? Share one bit of information you would like to transform into action?
I’ve love to hear any thoughts you may have below!!

10 thoughts on “3 simple ways to turn information into transformation”

  1. Claire, this is unique. I must admit it does seem foreign to me but I really like your 3 step process and it doesn’t seem too difficult. I haven’t been too focussed on my self-care lately and I know this is something I need to prioritize. I love little steps and processes and I think this is something I can apply into my own life.

    • Shae!Yes, yes–take care of yourself, especially with all the ladies who is going to be taking your amazing course! self-care, is muy importante. Keep me posted on your progress, and I am here to support you!

  2. You’re so right, so very happen often we over-complicate really simple things. Really like the steps and your journey of accepting your intuitive side – I’m on that road, too.

  3. thank you for the lovely advice. I get excited with doing workshops, buying books and then go into overwhelm..this is a good process to use and I love your gifts! beautiful story about Lexi the kitty x


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