Right Where I Am 2012

Right Where I Am 2012. One month 21 days. The other day, with her baby doll in tow, Kayman asked again if she could have a baby brother. We’ve been having these discussions regularly the past few weeks, strolling down memory lane about her being in my belly, when her dad and I were married, … Read more

Return to happy by planting financial seeds

Return to happy by planting financial seeds   It takes less energy to create positive goodness than negatively. ♥ If you are going through a rough patch financially, do you find yourself focusing your energy on what you don’t have vs. what you do? While your current job or business may be determining how much is … Read more

Stop kicking yourself in the butt

We all mess up. Me, you, Obama, Buddha, even the unconditonal, loving dog. One of the things we tend to do is beat ourselves up when things don’t go the way we want. Our inner critic goes above and beyond the point of useful, often times becoming self-critical and mean. Find ways to tame that inner critic here…

But what if I am not grateful?

In honor of U.S. Thanksgiving this week…most Americans are bountiful with gratitude. But if we are grieving, is this possible? Is it possible to find gratitude if we are having trouble getting out of bed in the morning? What if we are missing the beloved dog we took for walks every morning? Or having to say goodbye to hopes and dreams of the baby that was going to be? Or finding some bit of goodness in a divorce filled with more drama than most soap operas?

Less snarkey and more love please

When I feel stuck, I realize that it helps me to focus on one thing that isn’t working and see if I can give it some juice, some love to flip my thinking around. Keeping it to one makes it doable. When we change something in our lives, especially a pattern, it is also being important to celebrate our little successes.