Day 10-Trying happiness on

In recent days where much of our news centers around unemployment, slumping housing market, what we are lacking—life changing news during uncertain economic times can alter our day at a moment’s notice. “Oh no, my 401k just took another hit”, “no one is spending right now”, “they’ve just announced another round of layoffs, what if … Read more

Day 7- Compassion and Forgiveness

After a day of shivering under a mass of quilts and comforters yesterday, the symptoms of the flu finally exited my body temple. Since I spent most of the day in bed, it gave me time to ponder things that have been going on this past week, including the response I had to file with … Read more

Day 4- the voice of hope that says all things are possible

Day 4: Our broker emailed this afternoon to let us know the counter offer fell through. With the not so good came some good news…he’s received several calls from interested parties so another open house is scheduled for this Sunday and with that, perhaps an even better offer. Tonight, I remind myself that all things … Read more

Day 3-Trusting the process

In a conversation yesterday, someone said to me “be careful what you wish for” as I shared updates about the house. The offer, the counter offer. This house journey feels like it has taken on a life of its own. Just as I hold for my clients, working with them to trust in the process, … Read more

Day Two-Embracing change

This morning, I sat as I usually did when I journaled…in the living room with a steaming mug of tea. It’s my favorite part of the day, when it is quiet, watching beams of sunlight poke through the frosted pane in the front window. Birds chirp, making music with the water fountain that sits catty … Read more

Day One: Letting go and leaning into the fear.

  This morning, I received an email from our realtor that an offer on our bungalow may be coming very soon. This bit of news both lifted and sank my heart. First, it brought an air of excitement that amidst the economic housing crisis, someone else too felt the love from our little house.  Six degrees … Read more

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