Grieving and breath work

In moments of darkness, try bringing the mind to breath will calm one’s life. This morning, I practiced some simple breath work with a client experiencing anxiety and upset and it reminded me how our body temple is a truly amazing tool to re-balance our emotional states. Try this for a few minutes whenever you … Read more

What to do with ash remains and clay pawprints?

Casey’s remains came back this week. A big shout out to Carol and Tracy over at Very Important Pet Mortuary . Her ashes arrived in a nice brocade urn, along with a pawprint and some of her fur clippings. The care, thoughtfulness they put into commemorating the life of a beloved fur family member is … Read more

Euthanasia–When is the right time?

Monday Evening: I was wrapping up work for the evening. Casey walked over and stood facing me, as if wanting to talk. Engrossed with an email, I kept typing and she walked away, only to circle back several times. Those huge eyes staring at me. I heard a voice inside my head go, It’s time.But … Read more

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