Practicing Vipassana in Grief

This morning at breakfast, my daughter asked me why the petals on the purple tulips were missing. The bouquet arrived last week for my birthday. After a week of being the centerpiece on our dining room table, it began shedding its bloom the past few days. Kayman and I had great fun, using the vibrant … Read more

Am I my mother’s daughter?

I had an experience this morning that made me pause to examine what disappointments are made of. Prompts me to ask myself again, are most disappointments ours to begin with, or did we model the feeling of disappointment from our own parents only to pass them onto our kids unknowingly? As a grief coach, one … Read more

In memory of a loving friend and trusting companion

The grieving process is organic. Even years after losing a much loved companion animal, you might find your heartstrings tugged and heavy at moments. You might see a dog that looked just like yours at the park, a happy memory of something you used to do together. In times like this, it is healthy to … Read more

April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month

*The American Red Cross has named April National Pet First Aid Awareness Month to create awareness about how pet owners can prepare for disasters.  Veterinary Pet Insurance Co.’s veterinary expert, Dr. Silene Young, offers these important reminders:  Preparing for a Disaster and Evacuation: Make sure your pet can be identified with an I.D. tag and microchip. Don’t forget … Read more

Shaking things up during grief

The ending of a relationship, whether with a romantic partner, a job, a home, a loved one, an animal companion are all considered losses. We are faced with two basic options. Grief and move through whatever we are feeling, or bury the feelings for a later time. If we commit to moving through grief, the … Read more

Grief, letting go and anniversaries

I am on day 3 of a 30 day meditation practice for grief and loss. Initially, I decided to partake in this journey to walk the talk, not only be able to facilitate this meditation but experience it. What I’ve come to realize, is what a huge gift this is for me. To become a … Read more

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