hard time walking this afternoon

Maybe my imagination running wild, but my beloved 17 year old family member (or 119 to be exact in people years) had a hard time finishing the last part of her walk today. good news that her sniffers are still intact and she LOVED smelling all of the flowers starting to be in bloom. 🙂 … Read more

A symbol of light shined into the world…

“May this candle be a symbol of the light your loved one shined into the world and into your life…” Even in my work as a grief counselor, I find myself walking through darkness at moments in my own life. I find myself in the ebb and flow of loss. I am grateful that I … Read more

Hopes and dreams in grief

In our darkest hours, dreams and hopes may be the farthest things from our minds. Yet, they can also serve as our heartstrings, our conduit in journeying through our grief to the other side. Hope is the wheel of momentum that keeps us moving forward. Dreams are what we hold close to our hearts. Just … Read more

walking the talk- anticipatory loss

Grief is a natural part of my work everyday. As a grief counselor, I assist those journeying through grief to the other side on a daily basis. But even I, am not immune to grief itself. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to be a part of an fundraising event benefiting a pet charity. Casey, my … Read more

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