Imagine being seen and feeling loved without having to change a thing.

I am here to remind you of…

• How it feels in your body when you feel safe, heard, supported

• Those moments when you are doing something you love and you lose track of time

• The magic that occurs when you close your eye and recall someone or someone you love

With demands of daily life, layered with social conditioning, limiting beliefs, past traumas, we forget our true nature.

We have so many different gifts we came here in this lifetime to share. In our evolution, our patterning, we forget by shaping ourselves into this one identity that we think we are supposed to be. We are not what we do, wear, drive, live, work for.

You are here to listen to the inspiration in your heart and ride the energy that arises from that place— where creativity and beauty in the moment leads to infinite possibilities.

I combine 25+ years of creative consulting,  a decade of transformative coaching with breathwork to guide, hold space and support as you return to the place inside to deepen your commitment to self, to more joy, more fulfillment on all levels.

Back to the joy of YOU.

Clarity Session:
We all want answers. Answers to what’s next. Why something isn’t working. I invite you to stand with me in your doorway of discovery. Allow me to be your safe container. The answers you seek. It’s there, I promise. When we feel truly heard and supported, possibilities open up. A new insight. A different perspective. I listen between words, underneath, above, to reflect back and amplify the creativity and joy in you. It’s not about making things look pretty or perfect, this is about YOU. Using brand and messaging to inspire.

It’s the nature of today’s society that most of us spend a huge percentage of time in our heads, whether we’re working online, problem-solving, or relating to our loved ones. This simple, yet powerful healing modality helps you to move from your mind into the heart and release what is no longer serving you. Breathwork sessions are designed to support you in getting unstuck, releasing toxins and negativity, experiencing more joy, embracing self-care, and manifesting abundance.