Imagine being seen, feeling supported when your life feels like it imploded into a million pieces, 
without having to fix or change. (Really, it's OK not to be OK)

I am here to remind you…

• How it feels in your body when you feel safe, heard, supported (amazing!)

• Those moments you lose track of time doing something you love (they will come back, I promise)

• What’s possible when all of the “shoulds”, “I can’t because”, “but only if” falls away (anything and everything!)

• How you DO “know” what to do, when you finally slow down enough to listen to your intuition (when you choose YOU)

With demands of daily life, social pressures, we innocently forget who we are. Instead, we end up white knuckling, working hard to become that person someone else wanted us to be (not grieving) and then one day, wake up and wonder how the heck we ended up here. 

Hello, I'm Claire CHEW. my zone of genius is helping people see their FULLEST POTENTIAL

Don’t let your past determine your future. I look beyond loss into something “more” and hold fiercely for the creation of “it” for my clients. For hundreds of pet lovers experiencing a deep sense of loss when they have to say goodbye to their best friends, I help them remember, celebrate, and find ways to honor the incredible love they shared.

I have helped humans love again after the loss of a spouse, bring a pregnancy to term after multiple miscarriages, double income after a messy divorce, crowdfund to record an album fulfilling a life long dream.

ONCE YOU "SEE YOUR OWN possibilities for your future, you won't be able to "unsee" it.

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, magic, and power in it. Begin it now"


Let’s be real. Rebuilding after a life-changing transition- divorce, pet loss, job transition, cancer, death of a loved one, it is overwhelming. It can be tempting to stay busy, to keep the lid on your grief. It can also be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to slow down and dive deep and explore what matters most to you now. Imagine using meditation, neuroscience and other proven modalities to acknowledge what was left behind, honor what is present, identify obstacles in the way to getting what you want, and light a fire (and a plan) for the next BEST part of your life.