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Supporting Pet Parents & Veterinary Medical Professionals

Specializing in Pet Loss Support, Resilience and Burnout Rx

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Healing After the Loss of a Beloved Pet

Personalized coaching to help you navigate the grief and learn to find joy again after the loss of a loved animal companion.

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Supporting Veterinary First Responders & Helpers for the Animals

Restore life balance and heal from burnout

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Veterinary Medical Professional Support

We’ve coached 500+ Veterinary Professionals in compassion fatigue, resilience, teamwork and leadership. Leveraging methodologies from positive & somatic psychology, neuroscience, our collaborative approach helps teams go from survive to thrive.
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Building Resilience & Wellness Workshops

With caseloads increasing during COVID and beyond, let us help your organization create a plan for managing burnout with our “inside out” approach to wellness. Some of our interactive workshops are RACE approved, check out our different topics.

Anticipatory Pet Loss/
Pet Loss Support

Most of us don’t learn about grief until we have to. From training client facing team members on compassionate communication to  individualized coaching for grieving pet parents, we are committed to providing practical tools to navigate the grief journey.


For many animal lovers, helping animals get well seems like a dream job. Empathy and compassion, and a deep love for animals brought us into the helping profession. But the pace, stress, workload, and bearing witness to others’ pain and suffering can take a toll on those trying to improve others’ lives.


We help Veterinary Medical Professionals and those in the caring animal profession restore their compassion and passion for their work.


From workshops, life balance coaching to customized programs for your organization, we provide tools and support in the following areas.

-Burnout/Compassion Fatigue

-Stress Management

-Resilience Building

-Positive Leadership/Communication


This is powerful work and, if planned, can have life long impact that carries over into all areas of life. Contact us to create a customized plan for your organization today.