After going through a life changing transition, re-building one's life may feel like a daunting task. (life after divorce, life after cancer, life after loss, life after a job transition--all huge life markers) It can be tempting to stay busy to keep our grief at bay. But it can also be a once in a life chance to slow down, dive deep into exploring what matters most to you now, your core values and beliefs, wants and desires. 

Life transitions often happen without our choosing. But we can opt in now.  Imagine journeying together over 3-6 months using meditation, neuroscience, and other proven modalities to acknowledge what's left behind, honor what's here now, identify what obstacles may be getting in the way of what you want, and re-igniting your heart and creating a plan of this next part of your life. 

What you can expect:

Imagine having a neutral partner to journey and cheer you on unconditionally.
Imagine a quiet, nourishing, safe space to receive love and support.
Imagine a time for you to slow down and unwind. 

This is a time for YOU to....
Clarify, explore intentions
Find balance and more time
Empower yourself 
Release old fears, past hurts, limiting beliefs, judgments
Practice self-forgiveness
Practice self-care
Create better boundaries
Re-write old stories
Learn to say no 
Clarify your intentions
Tap into your intuition

As a neutral observer to your life, I meet you right where you are. Nothing is off limits unless you want it to be. Our sessions are a compassionate space to be heard, process, brainstorm, laugh, cry, and take forward action steps. It is a place for you to come back to who you really are. 

What coaching includes: 

Discovery call, in-person, via phone or Skype
Intake questionnaire, coaching agreement
Three hour launch session to create a customized plan to get from point A to point B
Bi-weekly 90 minute 1:1 coaching sessions or three one-hour session per month
Unlimited access via email to answer questions, acknowledge your wins, accountability check-in's

Divorce Support

If you are contemplating or facing divorce, there is another way besides “hard, failure, broken, lonely, sad, knockdown, expensive” Yes, divorce is difficult. Period. There is no magic wand to wave away the pain. But we can set powerful intentions for clarity, compassion for ourselves and others during this huge transition. Learn to acknowledge and accept, take ownership of what was and what is to come. Empower yourself to remain child/family focused, respectful, dignified during this long process by having a guide to champion YOU. 

Pet Loss Support

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is one of the hardest thing we do as a pet caregiver. If you are close to having to make a life-changing decision about your pet’s health, having support near the end of life/euthanasia experience can shift feelings of helplessness, anxiety, worry to an inner knowing and honoring of the good-bye. If you’ve said good-bye to your pet, imagine a quiet, safe, sacred, confidential space to receive comfort and understanding around the beloved relationship you had with your pet while moving through the grief.