Hello there, I'm Claire—a coach, consultant, creative entrepreneur

And in the last 10 years, I’ve supported hundreds of women move through challenging life transitions to more possibilities. Although every client’s background, challenges and goals were unique, they all shared one thing in common: despite achieving a level of professional or personal success, a deeply desire to live more authentically—vs. what others want them to be, to create through intention, not “autopilot;” and to cease repeating the same patterns over and over again. I also saw a yearning for joy and creativity, whether it be through their work, their personal life, an unrealized dream or project.

 In the process, my clients have been able to…

-find the courage to leave an unfulfilling 9-5 to finally start their own business

-shift their thinking and fear of selling and marketing to serving deeply and see their revenues increase (hint; it’s an inside out job)

-“see” their future and infinite potentials in it & take baby steps to make it happen (ask me how we raised almost $20k for a project)

-re-open their hearts to find love and marriage after loss of a spouse 



My background as a serial entrepreneur makes for a unique and powerful combination. With a B.S. in Graphic Design, I’ve worked with brands like Absolute Vodka, Sony Vaio, Kaiser Permanente, Blue Cross of CA, Toyota and Lexus. In 2003 the death of my dog Sophie ignited a passion to create a company to soulfully celebrate the human and pet bond. In the first year of business, our products were featured in InStyle holiday gift guide and on necks of celebrity pooches. Sophie’s death led me to my own spiritual evolution and launched my next career calling. I completed my Masters in Spiritual Psychology in 2008 and pivoted to coaching. 


Today, I love my work. I love to support clients as they find out who they are meant to become. But it wasn’t always like this for me. Over the decades, it’s been quite a journey…

  • I overcame stage 4 bone cancer 19, got married, bought a home, climbed corporate ladder to six figures
  • I overcame infertility to naturally conceive even though I was in perimenopause
  • I overcame my grief to losing my mother to suicide the same week I found out I was pregnant
  • I bounced back from turbulent relationships and went on to build successful businesses
  • I’ve naturally healed myself from Hashimotos and remained symptom free


I used to attribute all of my successes to “hard work” and “resillience”. Through all of this, I was tired to the bone. In fact, writing this list down reminded me of that.  A few years ago, I had an A-HA moment that changed the trajectory of my business. As a single mamapreneur, I was looking at life and business in a way that normalized my stress. I realized I was holding myself to an incredible standard of where I should be already (and how deeply my Chinese roots were embedded). In working with my own coach, I slowed my life down to look at my own thinking. I stopped compartmentalizing the separate aspects of me. In deepening my learnings about The 3 Principles, I realized I did not have to do anything else to keep striving, pushing, changing. I was enough. Coupled with breathwork I started doing at the same time, both opened myself up to a profound sense of unconditional love and self-acceptance I had never experienced before. I was deeply inspired to complete breathwork certification with David Elliot and am excited add this service to my coaching and creativity sessions. 


Now, some other tidbits about me…

  • I am a foodie and avid chef, and love anything spicy!
  • I am grateful to be living so close to the beach, where our dog Lucy loves to romp.
  • My tween daughter is the girl of my dreams and a daily reminder that miracles DO happen.
  • I have an MA in Spiritual Psychology and am certified in numerous spiritual modalities.
  • I love my beautiful life…and I want to help you realize your true potential!