I’m glad you are here.

Chances are, if you’ve found your way to this page, you've been going through something BIG. And it feels uncomfortable being with the mystery of the unknown. The universe brought you here for a soft place to land, to find clarity amidst chaos, to dive deep and heal the pain you’ve been holding.

Every one of us has stories to share about adversity we have faced in our lives. I’ve been there too, having overcome such challenges as Stage 4 cancer, divorce, infertility, launching new businesses, and grief after the loss of my mother to suicide. Whatever your story is, I am here to help guide you back to your innate wisdom, and remind you that, no matter what you’ve gone through:

• You are not broken

• You are enough

• You are worthy

• You are lovable

As a Transformational Coach, I integrate spiritual techniques with practical tools to help you ignite and align your life purposefully and authentically. My role is empowering you to listen to the inspiration in your heart and ride the energy that arises from that place—where creativity and beauty in the moment leads to infinite possibilities. Together, we will expand your awareness, deepen your commitment to Self, and develop a road map to your fulfillment on all levels.

Clarity Session:
If life took you by surprise somewhere along the way, you might be feeling sad, angry, anxious, or confused. It may have left you questioning, “I did not sign up for this, why did it happen?” and “What now?” I meet you right where you are and help identify where you might feel stuck, so you can bring healing to your unconscious limiting beliefs and release what no longer serves you. Schedule a discovery call.

Rebuilding your life after a life-changing transition—such as divorce, loss, job transition, or healing from cancer—may seem daunting. Although it can be tempting to stay busy to keep your grief at bay, this period can also be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to slow down and dive deep into your core values, beliefs, and desires and explore what matters most to you now. Significant transitions often occur without our choosing, but we can opt in at this moment. Imagine spending 3-6 months together using meditation, neuroscience, and other proven modalities to acknowledge what was left behind, honor what is present, identify any obstacles to getting what you want, and re-igniting your heart to plan the next part of your life.

It’s the nature of today’s society that most of us spend a huge percentage of time in our heads, whether we’re working online, problem-solving, or relating to our loved ones. This simple, yet powerful healing modality helps you to move from your mind into the heart and release what is no longer serving you. Breathwork sessions are designed to support you in getting unstuck, releasing toxins and negativity, experiencing more joy, embracing self-care, and manifesting abundance.